Sunday, February 7, 2010

Update on the sick family

Everyone is doing better! Michael had a great appointment on Friday and his Oxygen levels have increased which is great.   He was at 90% in the hospital, then 94% last week at the doctor, and now 97% this week at the doctor. He still has a chest x-ray on the 15th to make sure the Pneumonia is gone. Fingers crossed this will be the last time we are sick.   Two Pneumonia's and a bronchitis all in the same house made for a fun 10 days.

What did we do this week?
Scott had 3 days off (he saved a coupon from his re-enlistment 2 years ago to get 3 days off)  So had the weekend off,  worked monday, then had tues, wed, thurs, off  then worked Friday and had Sat, Sun off.  We were completely spoiled having him here this much, it was so nice after the crazy 2 1/2 years of school and shift work.  But tomorrow back to the real world and he'll be back at work. We finally saw Avatar in 3D at the IMAX in Albany, it was a great movie but it made me sad!  We had Augie's Pasta this weekend which is this great little Italian place in Ballston Spa, it was yummy as usual.  Scott surprised me with a huge container of Coldstone Ice Cream,  he's the best!!!  We watched cloudy with a chance of meatballs and had a popcorn party with the kids. I made a yummy sausage, bean, and cheese dip that we enjoyed with chips to go with the movie.   We also saw The Lovely Bones, so sad (Love it when they bring books to the screen) and Leap Year which is a romantic comedy.  Great weekend of just being together!!!

Today is Super Bowl Sunday!!! YAY!!!!  Go Saints!!!!!!!   I'll be cooking up some traditional new orleans food to have during the festivities today :)
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