Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Celebrating Our 7th Wedding Anniversary!

Nickelback - BURN IT TO THE GROUND from Nickelback on Vimeo.

We are going to a Concert to Celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary!! Our actual anniversary is July 28th, but Scott has work and Classes that day so just like any other holiday we moved it to a more convenient time lol. The Concert is tonight, and the weather looks great today so it should be a great day and a fun night. Needed after the crazy day I had yesterday. My classes have been dishing out a ton of homework lately so it's nice to have a break away from that. My friend Kristin is babysitting the kids for us this evening. She got her list of college classes so I will for sure be babysitting for her starting in September while she takes classes. She has the cutest twin boys!!! Hard to believe all my kids will be in school this fall, good think i found something to do and you all know how much I love babies!!! So it's perfect!

Still no word on the car. It was supposed to be put back together last weekend so we can have it towed to the repair shop and get this thing over with. This Saturday will be 2 months of my suv being broken. The transmission went out and it needs a new one or a complete rebuild. As soon as we can get it towed we are getting the rebuild done for $2,600. Not fun but it happens.

Other than that, not much is going on. The schedule is pretty open for the rest of the week. Next week the horse track season starts here in Saratoga. The kids are very excited for the races, they LOVE horses. You really see Saratoga come alive during racing season. This is our 2nd time stationed here in Saratoga Springs, New York and our last time so we need to enjoy it since we will be moving to Washington DC in May, 2010.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aurora takes her screening test for Kindergarten.

Well today has been interesting. Aurora had her big screening for Kindergarten this morning! On the way out the door Michael decided to get a huge nose bleed. (scott was supposed to take her but couldn't get out of work) so stress, got it under control, changed his clothes cleaned him up thank god we left early. Made the apt. While she was in the test Michael threw up all over the schools hallway!
So then I'm cleaning the school hallway because the janitor went home for the day! uggh. Cleaned him up again and then out comes Aurora from the test. The guys like would you like to come in and go over it. Sure i'd love to come in covered in vomit...why not! She passed and is now in Kindergarten WOOHOO. She got the highest marks in everything except one category which was pronouncing her "th" sometimes comes out a "f" instead. But did great in math, shapes, colors, counting, abc's, scissors etc.... So hurray for Aurora and poor poor Michael... hard day for the little man.

Aurora was upset however that they did not ask her what her address and phone number was. We worked hard on that because it was on the list of things you had to know to pass the test. And they didn't even ask her!!! Instead it was a 45 minute sit down test where she went table to table, teacher to teacher and was asked questions, and did writing. Way different than we were told. Oh well she still did amazing!!! Scott promised her a trip to 6 Flags to go on the big kid rides once she was a big kindergartener so she's looking forward to that!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My baby turns 4 !!!!

Happy 4th Birthday to my little Michael! I can't believe my little baby is now 4 yrs old. Where has all the time gone and why did it have to pass so quickly. This fall all three of my kids will be in school, I am very sad about it. So... I'm taking a job babysitting for a friend! She is going back to school and has the cutest twin boys and I get to watch them!! We are leaving now (Scott may need to be airlifted he is slow moving after last night he had a fun night out with the guys from work. They hit up some bars and had some fantastic Irish food at a pub downtown Saratoga Springs. But anyways back to today... we are leaving for Michael's big Birthday!! We are going to Order the spiderman cake, he wants to pick it himself. The girls big idea was to fly to NJ to have the Cake boss make michael a cake LOL!! too cute.... but not happening! Then we are headed to the toy store so he can pick out his own present (we already got him the big spiderman kitchen, with food, his new bike and helmet, knee pads, and lots of clothes from Gap and gymboree so he made out pretty well.) then we are going to 6 flags for swimming and rides, eating at Johnny Rockets, then home for cake, ice cream, grilling, and a movie! It will be a fun filled day!!!! I just can't believe he's 4!

I will be updating this blog, I've fallen behind again. We've been keeping very busy this summer since it's our last summer before the big move to Washington DC.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Vacation to New York City and Long Island

I took the kids to New York City for three days while Scott worked and studied and had classes. We had a ton of fun! Unfortunately my camera battery died a day and half into it so you'll have to wait until I develop the disposable camera for the rest of the pics. We did the City for 2 days, Central park, Zoo, American girl Place both days, Shopping on 5th Ave, M&M world, Hershey's, Toys R Us, FAO Schwartz, the big disney store, build a bear, Time square, Ate at venders hot dogs, pretzels, gyro's, and we ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co with awesome seats overlooking time square at night, it was great!!! Hard Rock Cafe which the kids loved! and watched Michael Jackson tributes that were everywhere, we got to sit in chairs they had in the middle of time square!!! so cool. Rode a rickshaw, took a horse and carriage ride through time square, had dean and deluca coffee while the kids had hot cocoa. Then on Day three we left the city and went to Long Island to the Children's Museum which was amazing! The kids had a blast! check out the website here to see where we went, After that we headed to Long Beach Long Island, and played on the beach and in the ocean. We built sand castles and ate on the boardwalk it was beautiful! Hopefully I get this camera developed soon so you can see.

Here is a link to ALL of the NYC vacation photos (except the ones on the camera i need to develop)

Just copy paste the link into your browser and you'll have access to over 200 photos.

This Video was the big Piano and FAO, they loved it!!

This Video was taken in the Elevator at the Disney Store, Hannah Montana was playing so the girls started dancing like crazy! Then after that every elevator became the "elevator dance party" and everyone crazy danced myself included. Tons of fun!

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