Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Monster Truck and Hollywood Stunt Show!

Today was the big Monster truck and Hollywood Stunt show. They had people from the X-Games, as well as real Hollywood stunt men. Scott needed to study today so it was just me and the kids. We had a blast. I knew it was the right thing to go as soon as we walked in and Tow Mater from the Disney Movie "Cars" was there to greet us! He was a full size Monster truck that performed in the show. Michael was in awe. We saw Viper, Tow Mater, Bad habit, Storm Damage, and the legendary Bigfoot (who quickly became Jennifer's favorite) They were all awesome and put on a really good show. There was also a human canon, flying motorcycles, stunts, a guy that blew himself up in a car, and loads of off roading vehicles and bikes. The kids ate hot dogs, cheese burgers and nachos each! So they were stuffed when we left. I didn't let them take the ride on the monster truck because it went way too fast for them in my opinion. Aurora was devastated but it looked scary fast and did spin around turns so maybe next year when they are older. All in all a great day at the Saratoga Albany Speedway. Tonight we are grilling steaks and watching the latest 007 movie.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

On Memorial Day we went to 6 flags Great Escape. The kids had a lot of fun even though Jennifer decided to be grumpy for most of it. We also did spashwater kingdom which was fun but very cold. The kids loved going down the water slides. Aurora went with scott on the big slides, she loved it!! She was sad she wasn't tall enough for the big coasters but she went on everything she could. They have sasquatch now which is like the tower of terror only outside (not in a building) and your legs dangle so the height is 48" for that one and boy did she have a cow that she wasn't tall enough to ride! She said "i went on the tower of terror and its the same thing!" lol. We watched scott ride it and he waved at the kids the whole time so that made it all better. I did forget the stroller and the camera that day so that sucked but besides that it was a great time there.

Scott had a book he needed to read for class so while i waited in line with the kids he read the book. He ended up finishing the book just as we were heading for the gate so that's good, cause he was going to have to stay home and miss the whole day but it worked out nicely.

He works from 8am to 5pm all week and has class from 6pm to 10pm so we won't see him much this week. Can't wait for the weekend :)

On the way home from great escape about 5 miles or so from home my car broke. My expeditions Transmission may be shot. We will know more before the end of the week but in the meantime I'm looking at new cars. I'm thinking a van would be nice I like the town and country's and the grand caravan's but we will see. I don't want to get a new car unless we really have to because the past 2 years with no car payments has been amazing. We need to figure out something because our Canoe is still at the old house and needs to be removed asap.

I spoke with my Step Dad yesterday and unfortunately it turns out my sister was in on the robbery. I am so shocked and hurt and so is he. How could she have changed this much in 2 years. The police almost have enough to arrest her he husband actually turned her in and gave a statement saying that she told him she did it and a friend helped her. He gave the friends name to the police. So as of last night the police took her to her husbands for him to re tell the police what happened hoping she will incriminate herself so they can place her under arrest. I just can't believe my little sister was capable of this. She even told my Dad "If I have a say in it, skipper will be dead" talking about his parrot that was stolen. She had me convinced she didn't do it I can't believe I fell for it. Even after I told her all the videos and pics that were stolen on the cameras and computers she didn't budge or return anything or even show remorse. I'm talking to my Dad and we are trying to see if she can get put into a psychiatric facility rather then a jail. She needs help and has needed it for a long time. (Her dad was murdered when she was 10) and she never really got past it mentally. I just pray for her now as we have done all we can do at this time. I don't want anything bad to happen to my sister even though what she did was such a terrible thing she is still my sister and I still love her.

Planning things for the summer:
6 flags Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom (as much as possible we have season passes)
Children's Museum
Stock Car races, monster trucks
The Drive in
Whitewater rafting/ tubing
Movies in the park (which is so neat, info posted below)
Cheerleading (the girls)

Free Movies in Wiswall Park (9:00 PM)
Wiswall Park, downtown Ballston Spa
As part of the summer season First Friday activities, the BSBPA once again presents free outdoor family movies in Wiswall Park. June 5th's movie is "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory", presented in "Aroma-rama". As the crowd sits under the stars, the aroma of chocolate, bubble gum, blue berries and other confections will fill the air! Just as in the movie, the crowd can buy Wonka bars, five of which will contain golden tickets redeemable for prizes at local businesses! Showing on July 3rd: "Kung Fu Panda"; The Ballston Spa Film Festival takes place on August 7th and the September 4th movie is the Academy Award winning "Wall-E". All films begin at dark, bring your blankets and lawn chairs.

July 4th, either Lake George or something in the Saratoga Area, we did clifton park last year and it was good. If I had my way we'd go to the NYC fireworks but thats a bit of a drive.

I think that's about it for plans for summer activities. The goal is to keep the kids busy all summer long.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 12th, 2009 more baby news.

So for baby news.... Scott had his appointment yesterday and he actually got something accomplished at medical, third try is the charm I guess. Long story short, Tricare does not cover vasectomy reversals, However, he can get it free through the Navy if we drive to the navy hospital in Maryland for his appointments and the surgery. Plus there is a year and a half waiting list to have it done. So it will take some extra time and be a bit out of the way (we will be in DC hopefully then) but we will save $5,000!!! That money can then go towards the new baby! So I think its a good deal. He is going to put himself on the list today or tomorrow and do the paper work, then we just sit back and wait for a call to go to maryland.

Other than that still just unpacking little random boxes from the garage. We are almost completely done with the other house. Scott patched all the nail holes and repainted all the walls, he still has half the living room to paint but other than that we are done with that. Then we just vacuum and shampoo all the carpets and stairs then DONE! Scotts mom is coming to visit this weekend.

Yesterday we went hiking with Jen and the kids we had a good time although Michael was a bit cranky and not feeling very well then we did a playdate and headed home to let him rest. He ended up taking a two hour nap which is not like him at all, naps are soooo two years ago lol.

Today we were supposed to go hiking again and then a play date but I woke up with a wicked sore throat so I'm going to rest today and hope to feel better tomorrow. Tomorrow Jen and I are going to the farmers market, hopefully i can find some nice organic produce there.

Well that's all i know :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!!

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there! Check out this link.

May 7th, 2009

I still haven't uploaded pics from the month my grandma was here or the move but they are coming. I can't find the cord to connect my camera to Scotts MAC and I can load them onto my computer, however the internet is not working on that one yet so when scott connects that one I'll upload them. I know my Grandma is very anxious to see them.

Today was a fun day, just kind of relaxed around the house. I'm out of boxes to unpack at the new house are we are not going back to the old house for more until Saturday. So i'll spend the weekend packing the attic and garage there and getting the back yard toys ready to move fun fun fun :) Today Jennifer had a bad day at school I guess she was messing around with another kid at lunch and a fork caught her face she was pretty upset but they mark on her face is not too bad. We did check out the local playgrounds here in housing on the 6th. The sun came out for a little while in the afternoon but there was still some water like at the bottom of the slides. "Play on anything you want just don't go down the slides"........ "okay mommy" 10 minutes later three wet bottoms. lol. Anyways they had fun and a bath when they got home lol. Today Scott got his grades from this Semester at RPI. He was really worried that he'd lost his 4.0 GPA because of an A- in one class but he ended up pulling it off. He is beyond happy about it and I am relieved as he gave up a lot of his study time to help me with the move. So in the end it all worked out. He now has a week and and a half off from school which is really nice! After we found that out we headed to the commissary I was itching to use my coupons hehe. Just got enough to last until the lot sale May 21st-23rd. I haven't been to one here but back in Washington you could get really good deals and still use your military and manufacturers coupons. So hopefully it will be good, I like to stock up on food, I probably have almost two months worth in my fridge, pantry and two freezers that way if there is something we want to do that month like lets say... Chocolate World in Hershey PA in June for Aurora's 5th Birthday than i don't even need to save up for it or dip into savings I just cut out the groceries for 2 weeks or even a month and we eat what we have. I works out really well. After that we came out and I pressure cooked a turkey breast we bought, made home made chicken soup (I did throw in some cars noodles for Michael) and made Tacos, and refried beans. Scott made some home made guacamole and sliced up my turkey so we finally used that new meat slicer, it works wonders. After that we scooted the kids off to bed for the night and played some mario party on the wii. Haven't quite busted out the Rockband or Karaoke here in housing yet lol, don't want to be too noisy. Tomorrow is the Military Spouse Appreciation Luncheon so I'm going to that with Jen so that will be fun. And tomorrow evening Jen and I are going to catch a movie while the guys watch the kids. I haven't done that in what feels like forever lol.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Base Housing May 6th, 2009

Well we've moved in!! Still have some things at our old house in mechanicville including our out door toys for the kids, play house, slide ect... Hopefully it will all still be there when we get there this weekend to move the last of the stuff. This past week we actually had our car seat stolen from outside our house in Mechanicville! It was sitting at our front door waiting to get switched into the other car, there were three sitting there for my three kids and when I came down to do it, about 30 mins after my husband set them there one was gone!! ugggh. Luckily we have extra, my husband has two for his mustang and I have 3 for my suv but still come on people, stealing a kids car seat!! uggh. I have everything put away already that's been brought into the new house on base, one benefit of moving over 30 times in your life is that you get pretty damn good at it LOL. My husband has been so good trying to move stuff for me even though he's been working and going to class and studying. He did take a few days of leave which were to study for his finals but he ended up giving me half of that leave to help move the boxes i packed. It worked out well i packed it all while he studied, then he moved it all, then I unpacked it all while he studied. The kids love it here and love the fact that there are three play grounds just outside of our door. They also love having their own yard! So far I don't know anyone on base but I'm sure that will change over time. My friend Jen now lives only 7 mins away!!! So that's great for visiting and getting the kids together. Other than that not much is new, just getting settled and seeing where life takes us from here :)

9:23 pm Scott just got back from taking his final and he received an....... A+ 100%. He's very happy about it so far he has nailed 2 out of 3 finals and is still maintaining his 4.0 GPA at RPI. He is amazing.
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