Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 12th, 2009 more baby news.

So for baby news.... Scott had his appointment yesterday and he actually got something accomplished at medical, third try is the charm I guess. Long story short, Tricare does not cover vasectomy reversals, However, he can get it free through the Navy if we drive to the navy hospital in Maryland for his appointments and the surgery. Plus there is a year and a half waiting list to have it done. So it will take some extra time and be a bit out of the way (we will be in DC hopefully then) but we will save $5,000!!! That money can then go towards the new baby! So I think its a good deal. He is going to put himself on the list today or tomorrow and do the paper work, then we just sit back and wait for a call to go to maryland.

Other than that still just unpacking little random boxes from the garage. We are almost completely done with the other house. Scott patched all the nail holes and repainted all the walls, he still has half the living room to paint but other than that we are done with that. Then we just vacuum and shampoo all the carpets and stairs then DONE! Scotts mom is coming to visit this weekend.

Yesterday we went hiking with Jen and the kids we had a good time although Michael was a bit cranky and not feeling very well then we did a playdate and headed home to let him rest. He ended up taking a two hour nap which is not like him at all, naps are soooo two years ago lol.

Today we were supposed to go hiking again and then a play date but I woke up with a wicked sore throat so I'm going to rest today and hope to feel better tomorrow. Tomorrow Jen and I are going to the farmers market, hopefully i can find some nice organic produce there.

Well that's all i know :)

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