Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Monster Truck and Hollywood Stunt Show!

Today was the big Monster truck and Hollywood Stunt show. They had people from the X-Games, as well as real Hollywood stunt men. Scott needed to study today so it was just me and the kids. We had a blast. I knew it was the right thing to go as soon as we walked in and Tow Mater from the Disney Movie "Cars" was there to greet us! He was a full size Monster truck that performed in the show. Michael was in awe. We saw Viper, Tow Mater, Bad habit, Storm Damage, and the legendary Bigfoot (who quickly became Jennifer's favorite) They were all awesome and put on a really good show. There was also a human canon, flying motorcycles, stunts, a guy that blew himself up in a car, and loads of off roading vehicles and bikes. The kids ate hot dogs, cheese burgers and nachos each! So they were stuffed when we left. I didn't let them take the ride on the monster truck because it went way too fast for them in my opinion. Aurora was devastated but it looked scary fast and did spin around turns so maybe next year when they are older. All in all a great day at the Saratoga Albany Speedway. Tonight we are grilling steaks and watching the latest 007 movie.

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