Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Base Housing May 6th, 2009

Well we've moved in!! Still have some things at our old house in mechanicville including our out door toys for the kids, play house, slide ect... Hopefully it will all still be there when we get there this weekend to move the last of the stuff. This past week we actually had our car seat stolen from outside our house in Mechanicville! It was sitting at our front door waiting to get switched into the other car, there were three sitting there for my three kids and when I came down to do it, about 30 mins after my husband set them there one was gone!! ugggh. Luckily we have extra, my husband has two for his mustang and I have 3 for my suv but still come on people, stealing a kids car seat!! uggh. I have everything put away already that's been brought into the new house on base, one benefit of moving over 30 times in your life is that you get pretty damn good at it LOL. My husband has been so good trying to move stuff for me even though he's been working and going to class and studying. He did take a few days of leave which were to study for his finals but he ended up giving me half of that leave to help move the boxes i packed. It worked out well i packed it all while he studied, then he moved it all, then I unpacked it all while he studied. The kids love it here and love the fact that there are three play grounds just outside of our door. They also love having their own yard! So far I don't know anyone on base but I'm sure that will change over time. My friend Jen now lives only 7 mins away!!! So that's great for visiting and getting the kids together. Other than that not much is new, just getting settled and seeing where life takes us from here :)

9:23 pm Scott just got back from taking his final and he received an....... A+ 100%. He's very happy about it so far he has nailed 2 out of 3 finals and is still maintaining his 4.0 GPA at RPI. He is amazing.

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