Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We are Moving to Navy Base Housing in Saratoga Springs

I have fallen behind in Blogging because we are moving. It was a quick decision. Our landlord wouldn't fix the furnace that I've been complaining about. It was 53 degrees on the 1st floor of our house so we were unable to use the 1st floor. We were still paying rent and utilities for it as well. And now that it has warmed up the downstairs is 69 degrees while the upstairs is 83 to 87 degrees because guess what.... the AC is broken still from last year. The AC unit was very old and the repair man told her it needed to be replaced but she didn't want to do it. So we are refusing to spend another season uncomfortable. We will also be saving $700 to $1100 a month depending on the season (summer and winter were high on gas electric while spring and fall were lower) on utilities(tv, phone, internet) and gas/electric. That will be very nice. I will update the blog with all of Aprils events including my Grandma's visit here once we are settled in at the new house. For now we are just too busy and we will be losing internet for a few days during the move. We do have new email so be sure to write it down, its... thespearfamily2000@yahoo.com I tried to get thespearfamily but it was already taken so I tacked on the year we have been together since. Also we have all been sick in the house for a good week and a half but are finally feeling better. My friend Kira gave birth to beautiful baby boy on April 16th (also Scott's Birthday hehe.) He is so adorable!!! She and her husband Justin, also a friend of mine from school are doing great and enjoying the new baby so Congrats to them!!! The move has had a draw back although we will be saving a small fortune every month we have had to make some hard choices as far as what we take to the new house. Our old house is 4,800 square feet (i'll post pics of the actual listing after the move.) and the house we are moving to is 1800 square feet which includes the garage so its A LOT smaller. It does have a fenced back yard and all brand new appliances. There are also 3 playgrounds right across the road which is so nice and one is a 6 yrs and under only playground that is fully fenced off which I love. Our breakfast Nook is no more :( I had to let it go as well as our large living room chair (scott is still bringing it and trying to get it to fit) which it won't. We also had to get rid of the Princess Castle bunk beds they weighed over 400lbs and were too big for the room (too tall). The list goes on and on but its okay because we would have had to do it next summer anyways when we have our next Navy Transfer, they move you based on your household goods weight and we were over weight when we moved here and have since acquired many things so I know we were WAY over it. It's a dollar a pound to go over so .... no thanks lol. But anyways i think we've trimmed the junk and will fit nicely in the new place but lesson learned about acquiring too much furniture! This move also means that Jennifer will change schools but it is an upgrade for her. Its a better school district with better everything! Even the ratios are better the classes are 17 to 1 per class as apposed to the other elementary school that is 28 to 1 per class. It makes a big difference in the learning environment and how much time the teacher spends with the kids. They also have a better music and arts program and better sports. So far I am still going to let them do cheerleading here in Mechanicville, its already paid for so they might as well finish it. The season is during football which runs the beginning of August through the end of October. It will be a bit of a drive 2 to 3 times a week but they will get to see their old friends and they are really looking forward to it. I also need to find them a new gymnastics and dance place because I can't keep running them to Cohoes its like 30 miles from the new house each way and that's now too far, we were only 18 miles before. And now we also need to find a new church as our church will be too far away. Not to mention new doctors, dentists. Isn't moving fun??? lol.

If you want to see a floor plan for our new place check the link below.


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MUXLIMO said...

Hi there, this is my first time visiting to this neat blog.

Wow.. my dad was a military too. (He passed away on Jan this year at 86).

I see the navy base housing is a cool neighbourhood to live. ^^

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