Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spear Family Update (Disney Trip, School, Work etc)

Once again I have fallen months behind on this blog. I will attempt a quick update and try to keep up with it this time.  Let's see... what’s happening now.
April Fools Spaghetti and Meatballs (its cupcakes!)

Scott is finally enjoying his new job at Naval Reactors in Washington DC. He has a project he's working on which is keeping him busy. They have sent him to California for 5 days, and Pennsylvania for 3 days so far and they have plans to send him to Idaho for 3 weeks, and Newport News VA for 3 days sometime this summer. Although they are talking about changing it and making the Idaho trip 1 week and Newport News 3 weeks. So it’s up in the air right now. We miss him when he's away but luckily it’s just short little trips. Back in September he was gone 6 weeks for OCS and the kids really missed him so I'm grateful for this duty station and all the time he is able have with us.  He is still getting used to the traffic and the driving, he spends 3 to 4 1/2 hours a day on his commute. Did I mention traffic in DC is horrible? Scott bought a new car that gets double the gas mileage of his mustang. He bought a 2005 Mercedes Benz and he loves it, he's getting 35 mpg now.
Aurora's princess makeover

 We also just has a wonderful trip to Florida, extremely last minute. I went with the kids for 4 days and then Scott came and joined us for the last 3 days (He had to work). We did 2 days at Universal Studios and got to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (which was amazing btw). Then we did 4 days at Disney and went to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. The kids had a blast!
Animal Kingdom

Hollywood Studios

The kids are doing well. Jennifer is starting to hate doing homework and beginning to test the waters around here with a pre-teen attitude. But she's changed a lot and has come a long way with honesty and discipline so we are very proud of her progress. The move was hard on her, she hates moving and losing friends. Aurora is doing really well in school she is doing math and reading above her grade level which is excellent. The girl has her nose in a book constantly, reminds me of me when I was her age.  Both of the girls are still in their second year of girl scouts and really enjoying it. Aurora is working on her daisy journey patches while Jennifer is working on her brownie science try-it badges.  Michael is enjoying kindergarten, he still struggles with speech. We had a 3 month wait for a ENT surgeon appointment only to have to wait an additional month because the doctor went on emergency leave. So now that appointment is next week and hopefully we will get some answers. His doctor (in Virginia) now believes that the tongue is tied fine and does not need to be cut (two doctors in NY said differently) She believes it’s a tongue muscle issue so that is why we are off to see the specialist. I just hope something goes our way; it has been over 2 years of struggling with speech for Michael.
Magic Kingdom

Hogsmeade Village, Universal Studios

The kids at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Hogwarts Caste

PHEW... almost done.   Now what am I doing?  I am still working part time at AMC, hoping to quit soon though because I'd like to work locally and not have to drive 22 miles to work each way. I am going to School now I started in January.  I haven't finished my Bachelors degree in psychology yet, but I plan to finish it in the future (I am 5 classes short). Instead I have decided to try to go for Nursing. I am working on the pre-requisites right now and getting ready to take the TEAS exam. I need to score at least a 78% in all sections to apply to the program. But just qualifying doesn't mean I will get in, as they keep telling me over and over again its highly competitive and they have up to a year waitlist if you don't get in right off the bat. So this stresses me out tremendously. Testing is not my forte I have test anxiety big time. But I have my study manual here and will keep doing the practice tests. Classes end May 8th, then my summer semester begins May 16th. So summer will be busy busy. My Grandma Thelma will be coming here for the summer to be with the kids while Scott is at work and I am at school which is so helpful and it’s always so nice to have her here.

Well that about wraps it up. I will try to keep up on this blog from now on :)

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