Friday, March 27, 2009

Gymnastics Team Photos

These are the kids Gymnastics team photos. Aurora and Michael are in the top photo all the way to the left and Jennifer is in the bottom photo on the bottom left. They have a lot of fun doing gymnastics. Michael likes to flip, Aurora likes the balance beam and Jennifer loves the uneven bars and beginning vaulting.

Day at the Park

Apparently I spoke too soon when I said that Spring would never come. Today was absolutely gorgeous out. After we picked up Jennifer from the bus stop we went for a walk to the park. Everywhere you looked you could see at least 10 people apparently we were not the only ones tired of hibernating in our house all winter. The kids had a blast there running, sitting on the cannon and playing in the gazebo. After we finished playing there we took another walk 3 more blocks to the park that has actual playground equipment. It was fun for the most part. There were a lot of teens with no where to go around but we stuck to the little kids play area and had our fun. In the summer they open up the pool there it is really fun for little kids. It's only 2 feet deep all the way across so its pretty safe compared to other town pools.

Slide Show of Family Pictures through the years

March 27th, 2009

For about the past week and a half or so the heat downstairs has been broken. The upstairs heat has been working just fine, but that leaves the daycare area unusable. The temperature has been no higher then 54 degrees downstairs! So finally today the furnace man came to take a look. Apparently the furnace locked itself? He has no idea how that happened. But he also informed me that the furnace is extremely old and needs to be replaced!! Oh how I hope the landlord replaces it. Replacing the furnace with a new energy efficient one would do wonders for our astronomical electric/gas bills. We currently pay about $400-$900 a month in utilities which is just insane. I would much rather move and put that money somewhere else but the space here is fabulous over 4,500 square feet, so I guess that's the price you pay. Its much cheaper in the spring and fall when the air and heat can be off. So we will just tough out the rest of the winter. The kids and I are ready for spring. Where is spring!! Did it get lost on the way? lol. I'm starting to apply for financial aid again, oh the story of my life. It feels like every time I turn around I have to reapply. I'm going back to online schooling, I don't want to because I don't like it but its the easiest way to finish my degree while still being home for the kids. Especially with planning for a new baby, I'd hate to start going again and have to stop to stay home. So this just works out the best for everyone.

Today so far has been a very nice day, although my schedules are still conveniently lost. I keep an hour by hour schedule for the little kids while Jennifer is at school. This keeps things running smoothly and makes sure that everything gets done because it includes chores. No wonder it walked off right? So I'll have to make a new one. I'll post it here so you can see what a typical day for the Spear family is. The kids were really excited for the furnace man, they knew that meant they would soon be able to use the downstairs play room. They hit him with 20 questions from what is a furnace to how are their toys downstairs. Scott is at a study group from 9am to noon today and then he works from noon to 12:30 am. The kids and I did some puzzles and went over some Baby Einstein materials which they love doing. Aurora is preparing for her Kindergarten entrance test. The test is on their home address, their phone number, their parents names, their first and last name and being able to write it. Knowing all the abc's and what sounds they make and knowing the numbers 1-20. She has it all down except the address and phone number. So we are practicing. As I've mentioned I've started sewing. If you can call it that. I made the girls both purses for their littlest pet shop characters and I made a baby quilt (still have to stuff it). Its going well, I'm proud anyways. Today we preformed surgery!! We have 5 torn stuffed animals, and they are all the special kind. They are the kind that travel with us, go in the car, and get washed 50 times. They had rips and the stuffing was coming out. Michael administered the Anesthesia to the animals by his play syringe, I stitched them up, and Aurora put on the bandage when we were all done. It was a team effort but the surgeries went well and all the animals are now better!! Hurray!! I had ordered the cutest little onesie for the new baby, its unisex so it will work I know its early but so what its cute!! It reads "Green is the new Black" and follows my Organic baby theme. When it comes to babies I just prefer natural and Organic its just the way I am. Its good for the environment and it makes me feel good knowing that I'm doing some good and I love the earthy naturalness of it all. Here's a pic. Well that's about it for the day!! We are off to have lunch!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 26th, 2009

Michael had another bloody nose today, minor compared to the waterfalls he had on st. patty's day. Aurora woke up feeling sick today and lounged around the house for the better part of the day. Jennifer had a great day at school, she had a class visitor from the Czech Republic, she made the class some authentic food and Jennifer was really excited about it. I'm looking forward to Friday!! I dread the bus stop in this freezing weather. The kids hate having to stand out in the cold and wait for the bus. My Grandma Thelma will be coming in for a visit, she will stay for a month. She will most likely arrive the first week of April and Stay until the first week of May. Long enough for me to drag her to great escape six flags :) This weekend we have gymnastics, tap and ballet on Saturday, then on Sunday we are heading to church. I convinced Scott to try it once, I really want to go but am just too nervous to do it on my own. Its a really nice christian church with a really good kids program so we are excited. Yesterday I made the girls some purses, I'm re-learning to sew. They are not the best but the girls loved them. I also made a baby quilt its pretty good for a first attempt Scott was impressed. I'm excited to take Michael and Aurora to the tiny tots tea room It looks amazing, they have free play and classes as well. Little chef classes and Etiquette classes. I also love that they have a cafe that serves healthy choices for kids. They are also offering a summer camp for the kids. We are undecided yet though, we are looking into the YMCA summer camp as well.

Week #1 June 29th-July 2rd (M-Th)
Creepy Crawly Critters- The buzz about town that this will be fantastic! Join us for a weekly adventure full of natures wonder and beauty. We’ll discover the insect world through finger plays, stories, crafts, educational materials, and dramatic play!

Week #2 July 6th-July 9th (M-Th)
Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes- Join us as we venture off to never, never land. We will broaden the imaginations of young adventurer’s with tales of the fantasy world. Stories will come to life with dramatic play, music, crafts, dress-up, and much more.

Week #3 July 13th-July 16th (M-Th)
Journey Through My Five Senses- an exciting week of experiments, sensory games, and exploring. Each day campers will focus on one of our amazing senses using exploration and experimentation. This class will reinforce healthy bodies, early math skills, and self-understanding. By the weeks end campers will have completed a self illustrated experiment book to bring home and they will have increased knowledge of how their body performs.

Week #4 July 20th-July 23rd (M-Th)
Marine and Island Life- We’ll learn about sea creatures and aquatic life that’s always on the move. We’ll introduce the wonders of our oceans and beaches through experiments and our sensory tables. Campers will enjoy their own luau complete with homemade Hawaiian skirts, leis, and island snacks. The island awaits us!

Week #5 July 27th-July 30th (M-Th)
Cooking and Creations- During each class our mini chefs will create their own healthy snack and a fun food art or concoction. Every child will receive an apron and they will make their own chef’s hat to wear during class and then take them home at the end of the week. This class will broaden taste buds, enhance creativity, encourage socialization and reinforce early math skills.

Week #6 August 17th-August 20th (M-Th)
Build, Concoct, Create!- Campers will construct with many different types of materials – gooey concoctions, building materials, clay and more. Cumulative and cooperative projects will be encouraged. We'll foster creative, cognitive, social, emotional and fine motor development with our wonderful creations. Let’s see where your constructive imagination will take you!

Week #7 August 24st-August 27th (M-Th)
Water All Around Us- Join us as we explore the wonderful world of water with our hands, feet and all five senses. We'll pour, measure, freeze, melt, splash, mix, spray, and create. Let's get wet! Please provide your child with a swimsuit and towel each day.

Week #8 August 31st-September 3rd (M-Th)
Growing School Skills- We saved this theme for the end of summer to prepare your child for “back to school”. Children learn by seeing and doing. This class will provide your preschooler the opportunity to learn how to write their name, sign and sing the alphabet song, learn their colors, shapes, numbers, and various animals. Through circle time, music, different art mediums and centers your child will be exposed to a fun and exciting early education setting where learning and socialization will be fostered in the most nurturing way. Whether you child is starting preschool, nursery school or kindergarten in September, this class is sure to give them a jump-start!

It just looks like an amazing time for the kids. We will have to see though.
That's about it for today :)

March 17th, 2009 St. Patrick's Day

What do you know.... I'm falling behind on journaling again. Well let's see what happened since the 13th. The kids are doing well, growing up fast. The girls have been watching a show with pageants and beauty queens and wanted me to let them do one that is in New York in June. I'd love to let them do one for fun but there is a lot of pressure involved in those. I did pageants before and won some and lost some, I know they would cry if they lost and that's not the feelings I want to give them. Also what if one of them won and the other lost, I don't want competitive feelings between sisters. Then there is glitz or natural, I don't think my 4 and 6 year old should look all made up like they are 16 years old, so I was going to do the natural with them. But like I said I think its too much pressure and so we told them maybe next year if they are still interested. Between tap, ballet, gymnastics, and cheerleading starting soon, they have enough to do for fun. The kids have a gymnastics meet, may 30th and 31st, so that should be fun. And we still can't wait until The Great escape opens up May 9th!!!

St. Patricks Day was fun, it got off to a rocky start. Michael woke up with a horrible bloody nose, just pools of blood on this blankets, the carpet, and his stuffed animals. He's had them before but not like this. Then.... no car keys! Talk about freak out. Scott had to come home from work so we could get in his car. Which worked out cause they couldn't get us in until 11:20 am anyways. So we have to give him oil drops in his nose twice a day and hang wet towels up in his closet over night to put moisture in his rooms air. We've used humidifiers before but they can easily put mold into the air and we don't need this going from a nose issue to a lung issue.

After that things went smoothly, Michael took a long nap. He had a blood clot in his nose that we were told just to leave there as a natural blocker of the blood. It came out two days later and he was happy. Dinner went well I made a large dinner as usual. Corned beef, Irish potatoes, carrots, cabbage, Irish soda breads, Irish cheeses, sausage, crackers, cupcakes, mint ice cream, and green punch. It was very good. We didn't go all out with decorations this holiday but the kids made some cute ones that I hung up on the wall.

We all had a fun time and afterwards we played some board games together. Now that we have this new table we play games every single day and before bed Scott and I play a game or two together. Well that's about it I guess :)

March 15th, 2009 oh Baby

I'm Happy!

I've been working on Scott to have his vasectomy reversed since the day he got it!!! He forged my signature and had it done I was so sad for a long time after that. In some weird way I felt like he took away my womanhood?? Weird thoughts, oh well. Well for the past probably year and a half the baby thoughts have been intense. I always wanted 6 kids, it was a dream of mine. But when I had 3 under 3 those thoughts went out the window lol. Between Scott being out to sea or working on the boat for most of that time and Aurora being a very sick baby, and my Mom having 4 of her 6 surgeries and being sick I had a ton to deal with. Plus there was the pregnancy scares and issues, a lot to due with stress I'm sure. We had Aurora having seizures, and had to have emergency surgery when she was 9 months old. We had Aurora who had acid reflux disease and needed to sleep up right for a year!!! She also needed compounded medications that I had to drive to Tacoma to get, and for the refills. We had Michael with the positive down syndrome tests. We had Michaels emergency c- section. GEEZ. We also had early labor 2 out of the 3 pregnancies. I had to go in once, and as many as 3 times a week to have my labor stopped!!! labor started as early as 2 1/2 months early!! And that's not counting that we moved 4 times, and navy drama, wife drama ect...... STRESSFUL is the best way to describe it. But we made it through!!! And I don't regret a second of it, my children are my life!!! and no matter what anyone has ever said I know I give them the best and when everything is said and done that's what matters.

Things are so much calmer now. With Scott on shore duty and going to school and no chance of going to sea it is such a relief. I have convinced him to have a reversal of his vasectomy. And I'm so happy!!! We had the three so fast (14 months apart) that its a blurred memory for me. I know I loved having them and watching them grow up but I remember all those sad feeling as they got older and older. My babies are gone. They are little people now!!! they no longer need me to hold them and are growing up so fast. I put off my feeling for wanting another baby, I've mentioned it to Scott on occasion for 3 years now, and have had many times where I've cried about it. But this past year or so I've really been working him for another.

So.... on Monday he is going to make an appointment for the referral to the infertility clinic. Its crazy but we are considered infertile since he's fixed. He can either have the full out reversal, 6 week recovery and very painful $5,100 - $7,000. The micro reversal, a lot less painful $6,500, or he can skip surgery and do sperm retrieval and I can do egg retrieval its more painful for me then for him then we'd do IVF, In Vitro Fertilization. The IVF route is the least amount of pain for him and he will stay fixed which will make him happy. They can also retrieve extra sperm and freeze it in case we want a 5 child (This will not happen) but its there just in case. This can be the most expensive way of doing it because it can take multiple rounds of IVF to get a pregnancy. But if it works the first time around it could be cheaper. So he was all for the IVF until............. the percentage for multiples was mentioned. It depends on the person and the number of embryos you are transferring. I have twins already in my family (3 sets) but they chances for twins would be anywhere from 20% to 30%. He did not like those odds LOL. So I think he might be back to the micro surgery idea. After he gets his referral we will go see the specialist in person. I've talked to them via email and phone only so far. They will explain our options and then we can go from there. If he has the surgery the time it takes to be able to get pregnant ranges from 2 months to 12 months. And reversals can fail so there is that to consider as well but since he's only been reversed for 3 years we have a 95% chance that it can be successfully reversed so that is awesome.

But I'm just so excited!!!!! This is something i've wanted!!!! I will still finish my degrees, I will go back to doing it online, even though I hated it. I do want to be here every second for the kids. I will have completed my masters within the first 3 years of baby and then on year number 4 the new baby will go to preschool and I will head back to school if I go for a doctorate (still undecided). Then year 5, baby is in kindergarten.

This just seems like the perfect time to have this happen because by the time baby comes we will be in our new location and all the kids will be in school. It will just be me home with one baby! God I can't even remember what that feels like LOL.

Oh and I've picked out names!! I know I'm way ahead of myself but still it was fun!!!

Creative Fun for the Kids

Some ideas for crafting that I do to keep the kids entertained through the cold winter......

1) Make a book.

supplies: sandwich bags, Ziploc type if you have it


paper, cut to fit in the baggies

stamps, crayons, paper scraps ect.. anything to decorate.


What you do is you have the kids color pages for a book, they can just color or tell a story, words or no words it doesn't matter.

Make sure they color enough to fill all the bags, two pages per bag so the book is more stable. Card stock works great if you have it.

Next put the pages in the baggies, two pages per bag

Put the zip lock side of the bags all on the left side, this will be your binding.

Next staple the bags together on the left side.

If your child is small you will want to roll the left side over to cover the staples and put tape over the binding, to protect little fingers from the staples.

Then you're done!! You have a cute book made by your child and they will be so proud, you can have fun reading it together, if they can't read then just have them make up a story and tell you about it. Also if they spill on it, its protected by the bags, yipee!!!

2) Home made coloring books

supplies: Computer



optional: scrapbooking supplies

first go to and click images at the top

next type in anything your child is interested in. We did: batman, spiderman, hulk, superman, star wars, Disney princess, Tinkerbell, gymnastics, ballet, strawberry shortcake, pigs, jaguars, Barbie, and Olympic events.

Next print the pages, to save paper (and trees) I run each page through twice so there is a coloring page on each side of the paper.

Then staple the left side about three times.

You now have your own home made coloring book!!!!!

If you are a scrapbooker you can scrap a cover for the coloring book and make it extra special for your child!!! you can put a picture of them on the cover and put something cute like: "Michaels very own coloring book!!!" with a picture.

3) teaching your child in a fun way

a fun thing I do to teach the kids is to do the same thing as the coloring book but print educational pages. Like math, foreign language, dance techniques, gymnastic techniques, numbers, letter, words ect...... then have them color them while you talk about each page. They will be learning and not even know it!!!!!!

These are just some fun projects I do with the kids and I wanted to share.

Oh i also used the cricut to make some awesome flash cards for Jennifer to study with, I'll post a picture of those!!!!!

March 8th, 2009

Well i'm off the detox, i'm still on it actually but i'm adding to it because detoxing alone can't handle my workout routine. Last night was just tragic!! tragic i tell you!!!! I was doing the P90x and started puking. I had eaten right before I started it, bad idea!!!!! Plus my body hadn't had solid food so it was like a double shock!! I'm actually supposed to be eating 2300 calories a day because of my workout routine and i've been doing way way less because I was only on the detox. SO by actually increasing my calories I should start to see weight loss, weird I know. But from everything I've read thats the key. I'll build more muscle this way too. I've also started on a muscle building regimen so be prepared to see Hulk Laura!!! LOL jk. I just want to tone everything up, I've given up on those little numbers on the scale I don't really care what the weight is as long as a look toned and not flabby.

Today I'm doing, The biggest loser workout dvd 1, and Biggest loser yoga, then when scott wakes up doing the P90X, we have to finish yesterdays, since I got sick (did i mention i kept going after i got sick.... oh yea woot) but we only got a little over half way through the dvd. So we need to finish yesterdays and then do todays which is chest and arms. Then i will do yoga booty ballet before bed.

Other then that lazy day. I think i will organize the office a little, and then play some warcraft.

March 7th, 2009

Today we did P90X first thing in the morning, Scott came home and woke me up for it (its like boot camp at my house right now lol) So I dragged myself out of bed and did the AB Ripper X dvd, omg not fun. Although I did enjoy the break from pull ups and push ups. After that we went to the gym, we weren't there for very long, cause the kids had Gymnastics at 11 am. So they did their thing and we were done at noon. Then I found out that dance class starts up again next Saturday so it wasn't as long of a break as I thought, so its back to that next week. So 10am to 12:30 am busy busy on Saturdays. They wanted to do jazz but I'm going to stick with this for a while and see how it goes. I don't want them to do too much and then start to not like it anymore, its supposed to be fun. They had their class pictures today they were cute in about 3 weeks we get them back and I'll post them. When we got home I gave the kids some lunch and off to nap for them, well actually naps are just a faint memory but they have quiet time in their rooms. Then Scott went to bed and I did some Hip Hop Abs, it was actually pretty fun and short so that's always nice. I told myself to only weigh myself once a week but I can't stay off the stupid thing lol. Still no change. I talked to my Grandma she's already getting her clothes picked out for the cruise lol, its a bit early. She asked me if I was packed! I think she might come out here for a visit which would be nice but I'm not sure yet. My dad is supposed to come out end of this Month but I think he might be waiting until Aurora's birthday now for a visit. My cousin Tricia's baby Talia is still sick and they don't know what's wrong with her, she's having a lot of the same issues that Aurora had when she was a baby, like seizures, projectile vomiting, crying constantly. And they are having her try a lot of the same things I had to try, like stop breastfeeding, trying expensive formulas, medications, collecting stool samples and having to run it in to the hospital 3 times a week. But the tests show its not the same thing but don't show what it is, its really weird. I hope she starts feeling better, its always sad when babies are so sick and she's only a year old.

Tonight I'm making some pureed organic veggies, doesn't that just sound so delicious haha. Back on the detox and I'm excited about it. Me and Scott were taking turns wanting to break the detox and all we are doing is throwing money to the wind so we need to just do it and get it done. So I'm finishing it and no more cheating on the diet. Tonight is Plyometrics so that will be a fun I'm sure. Then I'll end the day the usual way with some yoga. Its really weird but I've found that yoga not only wakes me up in the morning but it also makes me tired at night, i think its the deep breathing or something. who knows but it works and that's what matters.

Today was a nice spring day for once and now its pouring outside. I can't wait until Great Escape opens, I'm so excited to go there and so are the kids. I will hopefully even wear a bathing suit in the summer :)

ooh and tomorrow is sunday, Billy's Boot camp day!! woot

Well that was my day!

March 6th, 2009 ... Exercise

Well we started P90X today. It's a hard exercise program. I haven't had to do a pull up since High school and this thing expects like 6 sets of 20 HA!!!! lol. I did my best with it, Lot's of push ups, and weight lifting. I did chest and arms today we were supposed to do abs as well but Scott had to leave for work so we shifted that to first thing in the morning when he gets home. Then tomorrow night we are on to day two's disks. I'm hoping exercising with Scott will keep me motivated so far he's been very supportive of doing the work outs with me and getting all the equipment. I support him in working and going to school and he supports me on getting fit, it works out. On top of P90X i do boxing, shred with Jillian, Biggest loser workout 1, and Biggest loser yoga, pilates with the ball, and dance off the inches, wii fit, and dance dance revolutions workout mode. I try to alternate it so I pick one of those to do everyday. I also tivo shimmy (belly dancing, its so fun!!) and namaste yoga, and all star workouts, and alternate those.

I probably spend about 3 hrs a day working out sometimes 4. I go for an hour in the morning while the kids are down, and do the rest late at night when they are asleep. I've tried doing it when they are awake and its just not happening lol. But can you believe still no weight loss!!!!!! ugggh But I'm still not giving up. I have a weigh in on Monday for the biggest loser group and I'm hoping to see a good number!

March 6th, 2009 Good day

Today was a good day. We went to the mall, got a new pair of shoes to break in before the trip in October. It will be loads of walking. My grandmas out walking trying to get in shape for the trip too so it will be good for us. Finally got packages mailed out that I've needed to mail for over a year, how sad is that!! We went to Uno's for lunch the kids were just starved (aren't they always :) Then we went to dicks sporting goods and got another bowflex hand weights set, some pull up bars, resistance bands, and a boxing set up thing with a bag (small bag for me) and speed bag, and some other bag that I have no idea what its for lol. So now we are done building the gym, can cancel our gym membership and are going to save up for an elliptical machine and a bike. Its just so much easier to work out at home then pack the kids up and go to the gym and get them to stay in the day care there. Especially with Michael he's so clingy these days. We are starting P90x tonight so I'll have 90 days of intense workouts. Hopefully help me boost my numbers for the biggest loser group that I'm in here on cafe mom. I haven't lost weight in forever. Still after 2 months and a week of working out I've still only lost 9 lbs, and it doesn't even show. But I'm not going to quit and I'm going to keep going. We are doing 30 days of detox starting tomorrow so that will be fun LOL, its pretty hard. Only liquids and I just love food so I have major will power issues with it but I know its good for my body so I just need to force myself to do it and stop quitting. That's about it for today I guess, glad its the weekend, no more bus stop yippee!!

March 5th..... surgery and new additions

Well Today my friend Sarah had her surgery, everything went well. I guess she had some slight complications when she got back to her room but everything turned out okay. I sent her some nice flowers with get well balloons and a funny card so hopefully it cheers her up, she's been pretty alone in all this. My friend Janet found out she's having a boy!! I totally called it too!!! How cute is that. I'm so excited but feel so out of the loop being so far away from Washington. She helped me so much when I was pregnant and was there for me when I had the babies. My friend Jess is pregnant also with a beautiful Boy!! And my friend Mona with pregnant with twins!!!! My friend Andrea is also pregnant (something in the water in washington i swear!!) don't know what she's having yet but she said Charlie might be out to sea for the birth. She wants me to be in the delivery room for her C-Section!!! I am so excited!!! I bet she has a boy too.

March 3rd. 2009

I can't wait for the New Commissary to open April 14th, My husband told me about it a while back but then I didn't hear anything more on it for a long time. Now he came home a few days ago and said its finally going to open so we will see. But I hope it has good, bread, meat, and milk cause I hate shopping at commissaries that don't and it all goes bad in 3 or 4 days!!! But I am looking forward to a large ethnic section and hopefully a large organic section, most commissaries are pretty good about having those and I hope so cause they are my favorite two aisles!!!

March 2nd, 2009 ... In the Motherhood

ABC has a new show coming out that I am way excited for!!!! Its called in the Motherhood, finally a show that shows that motherhood is challenging, fun, and a bit how should I say it.... CRAZY!!!!! Don't you hate it when people judge you or your kids and they don't even have children??? and have no idea how it is?? well I do. Anyways this is a comedy show that is as real as I've seen so far. Here's the link for a 7 minute preview of the 1st episode. It looks funny!!!

March 1st. 2009 .... Friends

Today I'm thinking about a friend I have that has cancer and is going in for surgery on thursday. My friend sarah has 3 kids and I just can't imagine what she is going through but I'm so worried about her. I don't want to lose her. I just hate cancer and everything thing about it, I've lost multiple people to it and now two of my good friends have it. I feel like a ticking time bomb myself since my moms started when she was 28 years and my grandma on the same side started early 30's. I get my checks but still its very scary. I lost my Mom in Nov, 07 and it was just aweful. I've already lost 13 close friends due to varies accidents, and such I'm just really sick of losing people. All I can do is pray for her and hope for the best. I hope her kids stay strong and she stays strong. I just wish I lived closer to washington so I could see her. But I know she has Andrea there and Andrea is an awesome friend and will take good care of her.

Feb 28th, 2009 Jennifers Birthday

Today was Jennifer's birthday she had an awesome day. First we started with getting her cake made (hannah montana) she got to pick a DS game which she thought was to play it on my Nintendo DS. She got the pet shops game. Then picked a movie, Igore. Looks cute.

Next we went to Gymnastics. Scott Signed get this..... All three kids up for gymnastics!! I thought he's throw a fit about Michael doing it and at first he wasn't to pleased but when he saw the facilities he changed his mind, plus there are other boys in his class so that's a plus. The girls will also be doing Tap and Ballet and when Aurora turns 5 they will add Hip Hop. They are really excited about it all even Michael. Lots of outfits to buy but I just love them in them.

After that we went to Chucke Cheese. ugghhh it started out so bad, the line wrapped the building in 22 degree weather. Took us an hour to get through the security entrance and in, then another hour for our pizza to get made. Michael got knocked down 2 times by running kids, the place stresses me out lol but the kids still love it!!!! They had so much fun and michael really got into it this time.

After that we came home for cake and presents, she got lots of Hannah Montana, Camp rock, and high school musical stuff. Plus some clothes. Her favorite present was the Metallic Pink Nintendo ds from Grandpa, she flipped!!!!

After that we went shopping at the mall, scott needed some free weights. I looked around for boys gymnastic pants but didn't have much luck. I think I'll just have him wear sweat pants for now and see how they work out.

Now we are watching Igore and the kids are having popcorn playing with Jennifer's loot. boy they will sleep in tomorrow and that will be nice. I was too excited for today last night and ended up only getting 3 hrs of sleep so I'm looking forward to sleeping in

Feb 27th, 2009... Day before Jennifer turns 6

Well the new wives group is doing well 9 members so far and growing. I'm looking forward to meeting the ladies in our area and having a fun time together. Today I didn't do to much laundry, dishes the same old thing. Jennifers 6th birthday is tomorrow Scotts still deciding what we are doing. We know we need a Hannah Montana cake and decorations. I think we are leaning towards chucky cheese, we haven't been there in about 6 months and she's been begging. We were going to do the movies but they just saw Coraline in 3D and there really isn't any good kids movies out around here besides that one. We probably would have jumped some other parent for their popcorn if we went to a movie right now, this being day two on my detox lol. I'm dying for some popcorn!!!! Scott ended up getting tomorrow off so that's great news cause she would have been so mad if we had to put off her party. She's getting Hannah Montana stuff, high school musical stuff, and camp rock, and a Nintendo DS. So she will be really happy tomorrow. As for right now, I'm heading upstairs to start a movie popcorn party for the kids, I'll probably just chew on my pillow and drink my green stuff :(

Feb 27th, 2009.... Cafe Mom

I've started a new Mom's group on Cafe Mom!

When I lived back in Washington I started 3 navy wives groups that were really successful, we had tons of game nights with the ladies, pampered chef, passions ect.... Loads of fun. We ended up having over 200 members and the lowest attendance at a game night was the first ever one with 12 ladies but after that our game nights increased to up to 36 moms!!! my house was packed lol. It was a fun time and I miss it so I started a group for Mechanicville moms and surrounding areas. There really wasn't anything for this area which was why i joined cafemom but didn't really do anything with it. There is a lot for saratoga, and Albany . So I thought I would add a group that's for the moms stuck in between. Should be fun. All areas are welcome including saratoga and Albany and surrounding areas. It will be a great place for the saratoga and Albany moms to meet some still close by mommies that were stuck in the middle.

Feb 26th, 2009.... Body Detox

I've always been a firm believer and user of organic products from food, to cleaners, to cloth diapers. Although my husband thinks some things are a little nutty. Like the cloth diapers for example. Those only lasted about 7 months before he refused to change, or wash a diaper again his entire life LOL. Detoxing is something i've done for years but usually just for a weekend or a week. I am starting today on a month detox from martha vinyard. Hopefully this can cleanse my organs, colon and intestines especially and get rid of the build of of toxins. I'm hoping this might jumpstart my weight loss be helping my metabolism straighten out. I was 104 when I found out I was pregnant with Jennifer, and 127 at my first post natal visit after her, but when i got pregnant 5 months later with Aurora something changed and the weight didn't really come off. Then I got the birth control shot which i regret because I gained 30lbs in a month!!! Then just 6 months after my 2nd child I was pregnant with my 3rd. So the weight just packed on and then on and never really went away. Now I feel I should have no excuses and have been exercising like crazy but I'm barely losing weight. I've lost just 9 lbs in two months even though I went from no exercise to working out everyday... which sucks and makes me want to quit and just eat a bag of chips lol. Which won't help, I know. So I'm hoping this diet is the answer if not I'll have a lot to answer for cause I'm making my husband do it to and we spent $600 on it. >.< I know I know. But if I stick to it... which I will... and it works and I feel healthier and happier and start to lose weight again It will so be worth it. We've been on wheat grass for a week and already have seen changes. Wheat grass shots give you natural energy and are very good for you. My husband and I used to drink about a pot of coffee a day, he would drink about 2 pots. And now he's down to one cup a day!!! I have completely cut out coffee. So I know this stuff works its just taking the leap, sticking to it and not giving up. I am 5 '7 and weigh 180lbs today lets see where I am in 30 days.

Feb 25th ... The Tooth

Well today Jennifer came off the bus with a loose tooth!! She was so excited!! But then she was sad because someone from her class told her the tooth fairy doesn't exist!!! grrrrr same thing happened with Santa at Christmas. Don't parents let their children believe anymore??!!?? I told her the tooth fairy does too exist and there was only one way to find out, by putting it under her pillow. So she did. In the morning I was awakened by her jumping up and down on my bed screaming "she's real, she's real!! She does exist" and waving a $20 bill. Tooth fairy gives good money for first teeth but will be cheap on the rest hehehe.

Scott came home early because he had to go in extra early the next day so that was fun. He got a lot of homework done and then we watched House together. We are both starting a body detox program tomorrow and needed one more night for twisted tea and chips LOL. We are doing Martha vineyards body detox... so hopefully I can cleanse my body and colon (great because of all my family history with cancer) and jump start my metabolism that has been non existent since having kids.

Jennifer and I working on her homework, she's getting pretty good about not needing help but I like to put my two cents in here and there lol. Kindergarten homework fascinates me and bores her. They are still learning letters in her class and she's bored with it since she already did kindergarten at kindercare. Oh well I told her to stick it out and be happy for the extra practice. But does she do that?? NO. She starts writing her name and all letters backwards!!!! ugggh parent teacher phone conference... They are giving her some extra stuff to take home and write words and stuff. What do you know..... all of a sudden nothings backwards!!! lol. I told her how important it is to take school seriously and not mess around for any reasons and she replied "but the other kids thought it was funny". oh my we have a class clown on our hands.

Feb 24th, 2009

Well I always used to keep a journal, just a place to keep my thoughts. Over the years I have slacked on the upkeep until my writing was almost not existent with the exception of a few myspace blogs here and there. I am going to start keeping a daily journal on cafe mom because its so much easier then writing it down in a book that lets face it... I'd lose.

Tuesday February 24th, 2009.

Today I awoke to the bad news that Scotts hours at work this week would be extended, uggghh. So now he leaves home at 8 to be at class at 9am, until 11am then he's off to work at Noon (regularly 3pm so he has some time to stop home) he gets to work at noon and works until 11pm which always turns into 11:30pm, and puts him home at 12:15- 12:30 depending on the roads. Did I mention uggghh?? Once home he crams, homework/studying, eating, and sleep into an 7 and a half block of time before he does it all over again. I've tried to make it easier, sending him with a big lunch and making sure I have something ready for him in the fridge when he gets home. Just a rough week I guess. Jennifer our daughters 6th Birthday is this Saturday he put in a special thing for it so hopefully they give it to him off. She's at the age where we can't do what we usually had to do which was switch birthdays and holidays to different days so that he could be there. Now she knows here birthday and the date its on. She's been counting down for a month now lol.

I still hate trekking down to the bus stop. It has been pretty chilly with gusts that cut like ice so standing with my two youngest waiting 10-20 mins for the bus is not my idea of a good time. I wish spring would come.

I recently received my cricut expression in the mail. If GOD could make a scrapbooking machine this would be it!!!! Its wonderful. I've made quite a few things just trying it out to see what it can do. I'm by no means good at using it yet but I'll get there. I ordered the Disney Cars cartridge from ebay because buying them in a store is just nonsense. I got the $99 cartridge for only $38 with shipping, brand new. I've made one 5 inch lighting McQueen car for Michaels door but quickly realized I was out of the solid cardstock colors I needed (Darn all that card making). The kids have the cuttle kids machine, I found it on clearance at Walmart for $19.99 they love it!! It only came with 2 dies so I now have about a million caterpillars paper piecings around my house lol. I'll get them some more eventually from Ebay.

That's about it for today, I've slacked on my diet and excersise this week. I hate doing it when scotts not here so I don't. Then I hate myself later for being so darn lazy. oh well. I'll say my famous line about dieting.......... "I'll start it tomorrow"
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