Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 5th..... surgery and new additions

Well Today my friend Sarah had her surgery, everything went well. I guess she had some slight complications when she got back to her room but everything turned out okay. I sent her some nice flowers with get well balloons and a funny card so hopefully it cheers her up, she's been pretty alone in all this. My friend Janet found out she's having a boy!! I totally called it too!!! How cute is that. I'm so excited but feel so out of the loop being so far away from Washington. She helped me so much when I was pregnant and was there for me when I had the babies. My friend Jess is pregnant also with a beautiful Boy!! And my friend Mona with pregnant with twins!!!! My friend Andrea is also pregnant (something in the water in washington i swear!!) don't know what she's having yet but she said Charlie might be out to sea for the birth. She wants me to be in the delivery room for her C-Section!!! I am so excited!!! I bet she has a boy too.

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