Thursday, March 26, 2009

Feb 26th, 2009.... Body Detox

I've always been a firm believer and user of organic products from food, to cleaners, to cloth diapers. Although my husband thinks some things are a little nutty. Like the cloth diapers for example. Those only lasted about 7 months before he refused to change, or wash a diaper again his entire life LOL. Detoxing is something i've done for years but usually just for a weekend or a week. I am starting today on a month detox from martha vinyard. Hopefully this can cleanse my organs, colon and intestines especially and get rid of the build of of toxins. I'm hoping this might jumpstart my weight loss be helping my metabolism straighten out. I was 104 when I found out I was pregnant with Jennifer, and 127 at my first post natal visit after her, but when i got pregnant 5 months later with Aurora something changed and the weight didn't really come off. Then I got the birth control shot which i regret because I gained 30lbs in a month!!! Then just 6 months after my 2nd child I was pregnant with my 3rd. So the weight just packed on and then on and never really went away. Now I feel I should have no excuses and have been exercising like crazy but I'm barely losing weight. I've lost just 9 lbs in two months even though I went from no exercise to working out everyday... which sucks and makes me want to quit and just eat a bag of chips lol. Which won't help, I know. So I'm hoping this diet is the answer if not I'll have a lot to answer for cause I'm making my husband do it to and we spent $600 on it. >.< I know I know. But if I stick to it... which I will... and it works and I feel healthier and happier and start to lose weight again It will so be worth it. We've been on wheat grass for a week and already have seen changes. Wheat grass shots give you natural energy and are very good for you. My husband and I used to drink about a pot of coffee a day, he would drink about 2 pots. And now he's down to one cup a day!!! I have completely cut out coffee. So I know this stuff works its just taking the leap, sticking to it and not giving up. I am 5 '7 and weigh 180lbs today lets see where I am in 30 days.

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