Thursday, March 26, 2009

Creative Fun for the Kids

Some ideas for crafting that I do to keep the kids entertained through the cold winter......

1) Make a book.

supplies: sandwich bags, Ziploc type if you have it


paper, cut to fit in the baggies

stamps, crayons, paper scraps ect.. anything to decorate.


What you do is you have the kids color pages for a book, they can just color or tell a story, words or no words it doesn't matter.

Make sure they color enough to fill all the bags, two pages per bag so the book is more stable. Card stock works great if you have it.

Next put the pages in the baggies, two pages per bag

Put the zip lock side of the bags all on the left side, this will be your binding.

Next staple the bags together on the left side.

If your child is small you will want to roll the left side over to cover the staples and put tape over the binding, to protect little fingers from the staples.

Then you're done!! You have a cute book made by your child and they will be so proud, you can have fun reading it together, if they can't read then just have them make up a story and tell you about it. Also if they spill on it, its protected by the bags, yipee!!!

2) Home made coloring books

supplies: Computer



optional: scrapbooking supplies

first go to and click images at the top

next type in anything your child is interested in. We did: batman, spiderman, hulk, superman, star wars, Disney princess, Tinkerbell, gymnastics, ballet, strawberry shortcake, pigs, jaguars, Barbie, and Olympic events.

Next print the pages, to save paper (and trees) I run each page through twice so there is a coloring page on each side of the paper.

Then staple the left side about three times.

You now have your own home made coloring book!!!!!

If you are a scrapbooker you can scrap a cover for the coloring book and make it extra special for your child!!! you can put a picture of them on the cover and put something cute like: "Michaels very own coloring book!!!" with a picture.

3) teaching your child in a fun way

a fun thing I do to teach the kids is to do the same thing as the coloring book but print educational pages. Like math, foreign language, dance techniques, gymnastic techniques, numbers, letter, words ect...... then have them color them while you talk about each page. They will be learning and not even know it!!!!!!

These are just some fun projects I do with the kids and I wanted to share.

Oh i also used the cricut to make some awesome flash cards for Jennifer to study with, I'll post a picture of those!!!!!

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