Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 17th, 2009 St. Patrick's Day

What do you know.... I'm falling behind on journaling again. Well let's see what happened since the 13th. The kids are doing well, growing up fast. The girls have been watching a show with pageants and beauty queens and wanted me to let them do one that is in New York in June. I'd love to let them do one for fun but there is a lot of pressure involved in those. I did pageants before and won some and lost some, I know they would cry if they lost and that's not the feelings I want to give them. Also what if one of them won and the other lost, I don't want competitive feelings between sisters. Then there is glitz or natural, I don't think my 4 and 6 year old should look all made up like they are 16 years old, so I was going to do the natural with them. But like I said I think its too much pressure and so we told them maybe next year if they are still interested. Between tap, ballet, gymnastics, and cheerleading starting soon, they have enough to do for fun. The kids have a gymnastics meet, may 30th and 31st, so that should be fun. And we still can't wait until The Great escape opens up May 9th!!!

St. Patricks Day was fun, it got off to a rocky start. Michael woke up with a horrible bloody nose, just pools of blood on this blankets, the carpet, and his stuffed animals. He's had them before but not like this. Then.... no car keys! Talk about freak out. Scott had to come home from work so we could get in his car. Which worked out cause they couldn't get us in until 11:20 am anyways. So we have to give him oil drops in his nose twice a day and hang wet towels up in his closet over night to put moisture in his rooms air. We've used humidifiers before but they can easily put mold into the air and we don't need this going from a nose issue to a lung issue.

After that things went smoothly, Michael took a long nap. He had a blood clot in his nose that we were told just to leave there as a natural blocker of the blood. It came out two days later and he was happy. Dinner went well I made a large dinner as usual. Corned beef, Irish potatoes, carrots, cabbage, Irish soda breads, Irish cheeses, sausage, crackers, cupcakes, mint ice cream, and green punch. It was very good. We didn't go all out with decorations this holiday but the kids made some cute ones that I hung up on the wall.

We all had a fun time and afterwards we played some board games together. Now that we have this new table we play games every single day and before bed Scott and I play a game or two together. Well that's about it I guess :)

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