Thursday, March 26, 2009

Feb 24th, 2009

Well I always used to keep a journal, just a place to keep my thoughts. Over the years I have slacked on the upkeep until my writing was almost not existent with the exception of a few myspace blogs here and there. I am going to start keeping a daily journal on cafe mom because its so much easier then writing it down in a book that lets face it... I'd lose.

Tuesday February 24th, 2009.

Today I awoke to the bad news that Scotts hours at work this week would be extended, uggghh. So now he leaves home at 8 to be at class at 9am, until 11am then he's off to work at Noon (regularly 3pm so he has some time to stop home) he gets to work at noon and works until 11pm which always turns into 11:30pm, and puts him home at 12:15- 12:30 depending on the roads. Did I mention uggghh?? Once home he crams, homework/studying, eating, and sleep into an 7 and a half block of time before he does it all over again. I've tried to make it easier, sending him with a big lunch and making sure I have something ready for him in the fridge when he gets home. Just a rough week I guess. Jennifer our daughters 6th Birthday is this Saturday he put in a special thing for it so hopefully they give it to him off. She's at the age where we can't do what we usually had to do which was switch birthdays and holidays to different days so that he could be there. Now she knows here birthday and the date its on. She's been counting down for a month now lol.

I still hate trekking down to the bus stop. It has been pretty chilly with gusts that cut like ice so standing with my two youngest waiting 10-20 mins for the bus is not my idea of a good time. I wish spring would come.

I recently received my cricut expression in the mail. If GOD could make a scrapbooking machine this would be it!!!! Its wonderful. I've made quite a few things just trying it out to see what it can do. I'm by no means good at using it yet but I'll get there. I ordered the Disney Cars cartridge from ebay because buying them in a store is just nonsense. I got the $99 cartridge for only $38 with shipping, brand new. I've made one 5 inch lighting McQueen car for Michaels door but quickly realized I was out of the solid cardstock colors I needed (Darn all that card making). The kids have the cuttle kids machine, I found it on clearance at Walmart for $19.99 they love it!! It only came with 2 dies so I now have about a million caterpillars paper piecings around my house lol. I'll get them some more eventually from Ebay.

That's about it for today, I've slacked on my diet and excersise this week. I hate doing it when scotts not here so I don't. Then I hate myself later for being so darn lazy. oh well. I'll say my famous line about dieting.......... "I'll start it tomorrow"

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