Thursday, March 26, 2009

Feb 28th, 2009 Jennifers Birthday

Today was Jennifer's birthday she had an awesome day. First we started with getting her cake made (hannah montana) she got to pick a DS game which she thought was to play it on my Nintendo DS. She got the pet shops game. Then picked a movie, Igore. Looks cute.

Next we went to Gymnastics. Scott Signed get this..... All three kids up for gymnastics!! I thought he's throw a fit about Michael doing it and at first he wasn't to pleased but when he saw the facilities he changed his mind, plus there are other boys in his class so that's a plus. The girls will also be doing Tap and Ballet and when Aurora turns 5 they will add Hip Hop. They are really excited about it all even Michael. Lots of outfits to buy but I just love them in them.

After that we went to Chucke Cheese. ugghhh it started out so bad, the line wrapped the building in 22 degree weather. Took us an hour to get through the security entrance and in, then another hour for our pizza to get made. Michael got knocked down 2 times by running kids, the place stresses me out lol but the kids still love it!!!! They had so much fun and michael really got into it this time.

After that we came home for cake and presents, she got lots of Hannah Montana, Camp rock, and high school musical stuff. Plus some clothes. Her favorite present was the Metallic Pink Nintendo ds from Grandpa, she flipped!!!!

After that we went shopping at the mall, scott needed some free weights. I looked around for boys gymnastic pants but didn't have much luck. I think I'll just have him wear sweat pants for now and see how they work out.

Now we are watching Igore and the kids are having popcorn playing with Jennifer's loot. boy they will sleep in tomorrow and that will be nice. I was too excited for today last night and ended up only getting 3 hrs of sleep so I'm looking forward to sleeping in

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