Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 8th, 2009

Well i'm off the detox, i'm still on it actually but i'm adding to it because detoxing alone can't handle my workout routine. Last night was just tragic!! tragic i tell you!!!! I was doing the P90x and started puking. I had eaten right before I started it, bad idea!!!!! Plus my body hadn't had solid food so it was like a double shock!! I'm actually supposed to be eating 2300 calories a day because of my workout routine and i've been doing way way less because I was only on the detox. SO by actually increasing my calories I should start to see weight loss, weird I know. But from everything I've read thats the key. I'll build more muscle this way too. I've also started on a muscle building regimen so be prepared to see Hulk Laura!!! LOL jk. I just want to tone everything up, I've given up on those little numbers on the scale I don't really care what the weight is as long as a look toned and not flabby.

Today I'm doing, The biggest loser workout dvd 1, and Biggest loser yoga, then when scott wakes up doing the P90X, we have to finish yesterdays, since I got sick (did i mention i kept going after i got sick.... oh yea woot) but we only got a little over half way through the dvd. So we need to finish yesterdays and then do todays which is chest and arms. Then i will do yoga booty ballet before bed.

Other then that lazy day. I think i will organize the office a little, and then play some warcraft.

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