Friday, March 27, 2009

March 27th, 2009

For about the past week and a half or so the heat downstairs has been broken. The upstairs heat has been working just fine, but that leaves the daycare area unusable. The temperature has been no higher then 54 degrees downstairs! So finally today the furnace man came to take a look. Apparently the furnace locked itself? He has no idea how that happened. But he also informed me that the furnace is extremely old and needs to be replaced!! Oh how I hope the landlord replaces it. Replacing the furnace with a new energy efficient one would do wonders for our astronomical electric/gas bills. We currently pay about $400-$900 a month in utilities which is just insane. I would much rather move and put that money somewhere else but the space here is fabulous over 4,500 square feet, so I guess that's the price you pay. Its much cheaper in the spring and fall when the air and heat can be off. So we will just tough out the rest of the winter. The kids and I are ready for spring. Where is spring!! Did it get lost on the way? lol. I'm starting to apply for financial aid again, oh the story of my life. It feels like every time I turn around I have to reapply. I'm going back to online schooling, I don't want to because I don't like it but its the easiest way to finish my degree while still being home for the kids. Especially with planning for a new baby, I'd hate to start going again and have to stop to stay home. So this just works out the best for everyone.

Today so far has been a very nice day, although my schedules are still conveniently lost. I keep an hour by hour schedule for the little kids while Jennifer is at school. This keeps things running smoothly and makes sure that everything gets done because it includes chores. No wonder it walked off right? So I'll have to make a new one. I'll post it here so you can see what a typical day for the Spear family is. The kids were really excited for the furnace man, they knew that meant they would soon be able to use the downstairs play room. They hit him with 20 questions from what is a furnace to how are their toys downstairs. Scott is at a study group from 9am to noon today and then he works from noon to 12:30 am. The kids and I did some puzzles and went over some Baby Einstein materials which they love doing. Aurora is preparing for her Kindergarten entrance test. The test is on their home address, their phone number, their parents names, their first and last name and being able to write it. Knowing all the abc's and what sounds they make and knowing the numbers 1-20. She has it all down except the address and phone number. So we are practicing. As I've mentioned I've started sewing. If you can call it that. I made the girls both purses for their littlest pet shop characters and I made a baby quilt (still have to stuff it). Its going well, I'm proud anyways. Today we preformed surgery!! We have 5 torn stuffed animals, and they are all the special kind. They are the kind that travel with us, go in the car, and get washed 50 times. They had rips and the stuffing was coming out. Michael administered the Anesthesia to the animals by his play syringe, I stitched them up, and Aurora put on the bandage when we were all done. It was a team effort but the surgeries went well and all the animals are now better!! Hurray!! I had ordered the cutest little onesie for the new baby, its unisex so it will work I know its early but so what its cute!! It reads "Green is the new Black" and follows my Organic baby theme. When it comes to babies I just prefer natural and Organic its just the way I am. Its good for the environment and it makes me feel good knowing that I'm doing some good and I love the earthy naturalness of it all. Here's a pic. Well that's about it for the day!! We are off to have lunch!

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