Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 15th, 2009 oh Baby

I'm Happy!

I've been working on Scott to have his vasectomy reversed since the day he got it!!! He forged my signature and had it done I was so sad for a long time after that. In some weird way I felt like he took away my womanhood?? Weird thoughts, oh well. Well for the past probably year and a half the baby thoughts have been intense. I always wanted 6 kids, it was a dream of mine. But when I had 3 under 3 those thoughts went out the window lol. Between Scott being out to sea or working on the boat for most of that time and Aurora being a very sick baby, and my Mom having 4 of her 6 surgeries and being sick I had a ton to deal with. Plus there was the pregnancy scares and issues, a lot to due with stress I'm sure. We had Aurora having seizures, and had to have emergency surgery when she was 9 months old. We had Aurora who had acid reflux disease and needed to sleep up right for a year!!! She also needed compounded medications that I had to drive to Tacoma to get, and for the refills. We had Michael with the positive down syndrome tests. We had Michaels emergency c- section. GEEZ. We also had early labor 2 out of the 3 pregnancies. I had to go in once, and as many as 3 times a week to have my labor stopped!!! labor started as early as 2 1/2 months early!! And that's not counting that we moved 4 times, and navy drama, wife drama ect...... STRESSFUL is the best way to describe it. But we made it through!!! And I don't regret a second of it, my children are my life!!! and no matter what anyone has ever said I know I give them the best and when everything is said and done that's what matters.

Things are so much calmer now. With Scott on shore duty and going to school and no chance of going to sea it is such a relief. I have convinced him to have a reversal of his vasectomy. And I'm so happy!!! We had the three so fast (14 months apart) that its a blurred memory for me. I know I loved having them and watching them grow up but I remember all those sad feeling as they got older and older. My babies are gone. They are little people now!!! they no longer need me to hold them and are growing up so fast. I put off my feeling for wanting another baby, I've mentioned it to Scott on occasion for 3 years now, and have had many times where I've cried about it. But this past year or so I've really been working him for another.

So.... on Monday he is going to make an appointment for the referral to the infertility clinic. Its crazy but we are considered infertile since he's fixed. He can either have the full out reversal, 6 week recovery and very painful $5,100 - $7,000. The micro reversal, a lot less painful $6,500, or he can skip surgery and do sperm retrieval and I can do egg retrieval its more painful for me then for him then we'd do IVF, In Vitro Fertilization. The IVF route is the least amount of pain for him and he will stay fixed which will make him happy. They can also retrieve extra sperm and freeze it in case we want a 5 child (This will not happen) but its there just in case. This can be the most expensive way of doing it because it can take multiple rounds of IVF to get a pregnancy. But if it works the first time around it could be cheaper. So he was all for the IVF until............. the percentage for multiples was mentioned. It depends on the person and the number of embryos you are transferring. I have twins already in my family (3 sets) but they chances for twins would be anywhere from 20% to 30%. He did not like those odds LOL. So I think he might be back to the micro surgery idea. After he gets his referral we will go see the specialist in person. I've talked to them via email and phone only so far. They will explain our options and then we can go from there. If he has the surgery the time it takes to be able to get pregnant ranges from 2 months to 12 months. And reversals can fail so there is that to consider as well but since he's only been reversed for 3 years we have a 95% chance that it can be successfully reversed so that is awesome.

But I'm just so excited!!!!! This is something i've wanted!!!! I will still finish my degrees, I will go back to doing it online, even though I hated it. I do want to be here every second for the kids. I will have completed my masters within the first 3 years of baby and then on year number 4 the new baby will go to preschool and I will head back to school if I go for a doctorate (still undecided). Then year 5, baby is in kindergarten.

This just seems like the perfect time to have this happen because by the time baby comes we will be in our new location and all the kids will be in school. It will just be me home with one baby! God I can't even remember what that feels like LOL.

Oh and I've picked out names!! I know I'm way ahead of myself but still it was fun!!!

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