Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 7th, 2009

Today we did P90X first thing in the morning, Scott came home and woke me up for it (its like boot camp at my house right now lol) So I dragged myself out of bed and did the AB Ripper X dvd, omg not fun. Although I did enjoy the break from pull ups and push ups. After that we went to the gym, we weren't there for very long, cause the kids had Gymnastics at 11 am. So they did their thing and we were done at noon. Then I found out that dance class starts up again next Saturday so it wasn't as long of a break as I thought, so its back to that next week. So 10am to 12:30 am busy busy on Saturdays. They wanted to do jazz but I'm going to stick with this for a while and see how it goes. I don't want them to do too much and then start to not like it anymore, its supposed to be fun. They had their class pictures today they were cute in about 3 weeks we get them back and I'll post them. When we got home I gave the kids some lunch and off to nap for them, well actually naps are just a faint memory but they have quiet time in their rooms. Then Scott went to bed and I did some Hip Hop Abs, it was actually pretty fun and short so that's always nice. I told myself to only weigh myself once a week but I can't stay off the stupid thing lol. Still no change. I talked to my Grandma she's already getting her clothes picked out for the cruise lol, its a bit early. She asked me if I was packed! I think she might come out here for a visit which would be nice but I'm not sure yet. My dad is supposed to come out end of this Month but I think he might be waiting until Aurora's birthday now for a visit. My cousin Tricia's baby Talia is still sick and they don't know what's wrong with her, she's having a lot of the same issues that Aurora had when she was a baby, like seizures, projectile vomiting, crying constantly. And they are having her try a lot of the same things I had to try, like stop breastfeeding, trying expensive formulas, medications, collecting stool samples and having to run it in to the hospital 3 times a week. But the tests show its not the same thing but don't show what it is, its really weird. I hope she starts feeling better, its always sad when babies are so sick and she's only a year old.

Tonight I'm making some pureed organic veggies, doesn't that just sound so delicious haha. Back on the detox and I'm excited about it. Me and Scott were taking turns wanting to break the detox and all we are doing is throwing money to the wind so we need to just do it and get it done. So I'm finishing it and no more cheating on the diet. Tonight is Plyometrics so that will be a fun I'm sure. Then I'll end the day the usual way with some yoga. Its really weird but I've found that yoga not only wakes me up in the morning but it also makes me tired at night, i think its the deep breathing or something. who knows but it works and that's what matters.

Today was a nice spring day for once and now its pouring outside. I can't wait until Great Escape opens, I'm so excited to go there and so are the kids. I will hopefully even wear a bathing suit in the summer :)

ooh and tomorrow is sunday, Billy's Boot camp day!! woot

Well that was my day!

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