Thursday, March 26, 2009

Feb 25th ... The Tooth

Well today Jennifer came off the bus with a loose tooth!! She was so excited!! But then she was sad because someone from her class told her the tooth fairy doesn't exist!!! grrrrr same thing happened with Santa at Christmas. Don't parents let their children believe anymore??!!?? I told her the tooth fairy does too exist and there was only one way to find out, by putting it under her pillow. So she did. In the morning I was awakened by her jumping up and down on my bed screaming "she's real, she's real!! She does exist" and waving a $20 bill. Tooth fairy gives good money for first teeth but will be cheap on the rest hehehe.

Scott came home early because he had to go in extra early the next day so that was fun. He got a lot of homework done and then we watched House together. We are both starting a body detox program tomorrow and needed one more night for twisted tea and chips LOL. We are doing Martha vineyards body detox... so hopefully I can cleanse my body and colon (great because of all my family history with cancer) and jump start my metabolism that has been non existent since having kids.

Jennifer and I working on her homework, she's getting pretty good about not needing help but I like to put my two cents in here and there lol. Kindergarten homework fascinates me and bores her. They are still learning letters in her class and she's bored with it since she already did kindergarten at kindercare. Oh well I told her to stick it out and be happy for the extra practice. But does she do that?? NO. She starts writing her name and all letters backwards!!!! ugggh parent teacher phone conference... They are giving her some extra stuff to take home and write words and stuff. What do you know..... all of a sudden nothings backwards!!! lol. I told her how important it is to take school seriously and not mess around for any reasons and she replied "but the other kids thought it was funny". oh my we have a class clown on our hands.

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