Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 6th, 2009 Good day

Today was a good day. We went to the mall, got a new pair of shoes to break in before the trip in October. It will be loads of walking. My grandmas out walking trying to get in shape for the trip too so it will be good for us. Finally got packages mailed out that I've needed to mail for over a year, how sad is that!! We went to Uno's for lunch the kids were just starved (aren't they always :) Then we went to dicks sporting goods and got another bowflex hand weights set, some pull up bars, resistance bands, and a boxing set up thing with a bag (small bag for me) and speed bag, and some other bag that I have no idea what its for lol. So now we are done building the gym, can cancel our gym membership and are going to save up for an elliptical machine and a bike. Its just so much easier to work out at home then pack the kids up and go to the gym and get them to stay in the day care there. Especially with Michael he's so clingy these days. We are starting P90x tonight so I'll have 90 days of intense workouts. Hopefully help me boost my numbers for the biggest loser group that I'm in here on cafe mom. I haven't lost weight in forever. Still after 2 months and a week of working out I've still only lost 9 lbs, and it doesn't even show. But I'm not going to quit and I'm going to keep going. We are doing 30 days of detox starting tomorrow so that will be fun LOL, its pretty hard. Only liquids and I just love food so I have major will power issues with it but I know its good for my body so I just need to force myself to do it and stop quitting. That's about it for today I guess, glad its the weekend, no more bus stop yippee!!

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