Thursday, March 26, 2009

Feb 27th, 2009.... Cafe Mom

I've started a new Mom's group on Cafe Mom!

When I lived back in Washington I started 3 navy wives groups that were really successful, we had tons of game nights with the ladies, pampered chef, passions ect.... Loads of fun. We ended up having over 200 members and the lowest attendance at a game night was the first ever one with 12 ladies but after that our game nights increased to up to 36 moms!!! my house was packed lol. It was a fun time and I miss it so I started a group for Mechanicville moms and surrounding areas. There really wasn't anything for this area which was why i joined cafemom but didn't really do anything with it. There is a lot for saratoga, and Albany . So I thought I would add a group that's for the moms stuck in between. Should be fun. All areas are welcome including saratoga and Albany and surrounding areas. It will be a great place for the saratoga and Albany moms to meet some still close by mommies that were stuck in the middle.

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