Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 6th, 2009 ... Exercise

Well we started P90X today. It's a hard exercise program. I haven't had to do a pull up since High school and this thing expects like 6 sets of 20 HA!!!! lol. I did my best with it, Lot's of push ups, and weight lifting. I did chest and arms today we were supposed to do abs as well but Scott had to leave for work so we shifted that to first thing in the morning when he gets home. Then tomorrow night we are on to day two's disks. I'm hoping exercising with Scott will keep me motivated so far he's been very supportive of doing the work outs with me and getting all the equipment. I support him in working and going to school and he supports me on getting fit, it works out. On top of P90X i do boxing, shred with Jillian, Biggest loser workout 1, and Biggest loser yoga, pilates with the ball, and dance off the inches, wii fit, and dance dance revolutions workout mode. I try to alternate it so I pick one of those to do everyday. I also tivo shimmy (belly dancing, its so fun!!) and namaste yoga, and all star workouts, and alternate those.

I probably spend about 3 hrs a day working out sometimes 4. I go for an hour in the morning while the kids are down, and do the rest late at night when they are asleep. I've tried doing it when they are awake and its just not happening lol. But can you believe still no weight loss!!!!!! ugggh But I'm still not giving up. I have a weigh in on Monday for the biggest loser group and I'm hoping to see a good number!

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