Thursday, April 2, 2009

April 2nd, 2009 oh Memories!

Well its April again, which means another year has gone by in our relationship. Scott and I started dating 9 years ago now! That's just so unreal to me, and I know I say that every year but it's true! It feels like yesterday. It's amazing how busy we get and then time just fly's right by us.
Last night we took the kids to see Monsters vs. Aliens. They loved it and so did we. It was a really cute movie and I just love going to movies in the Clifton park theater because its almost always empty and its a newer theater so its nice. After that we ate at five guys, which is a burger place and headed home, it was a really fun night. Tonight we are having a family fun night, everyone is excited for Grandma Thelma to arrive tomorrow and excited means chaos, so... We are going to have a family movie night. We just got Jonah, the veggietales movie so we are going to watch that. Not much happened today we did have a little drama. Aurora loves puzzles and has worked her way up to 300 pc puzzles which I think is great for a 4 year old. This puzzle was a pretty hard one and took her 3 days of working on it to put it all together. She was so excited to show daddy when he woke up! Well while we were waiting for Scott to wake up (This week he works all night and sleeps during the day) Michael threw the whole thing on the floor and broke it to bits. Aurora was devastated! So... she'll have something to do tomorrow I guess but it was very sad.

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