Friday, May 8, 2009

May 7th, 2009

I still haven't uploaded pics from the month my grandma was here or the move but they are coming. I can't find the cord to connect my camera to Scotts MAC and I can load them onto my computer, however the internet is not working on that one yet so when scott connects that one I'll upload them. I know my Grandma is very anxious to see them.

Today was a fun day, just kind of relaxed around the house. I'm out of boxes to unpack at the new house are we are not going back to the old house for more until Saturday. So i'll spend the weekend packing the attic and garage there and getting the back yard toys ready to move fun fun fun :) Today Jennifer had a bad day at school I guess she was messing around with another kid at lunch and a fork caught her face she was pretty upset but they mark on her face is not too bad. We did check out the local playgrounds here in housing on the 6th. The sun came out for a little while in the afternoon but there was still some water like at the bottom of the slides. "Play on anything you want just don't go down the slides"........ "okay mommy" 10 minutes later three wet bottoms. lol. Anyways they had fun and a bath when they got home lol. Today Scott got his grades from this Semester at RPI. He was really worried that he'd lost his 4.0 GPA because of an A- in one class but he ended up pulling it off. He is beyond happy about it and I am relieved as he gave up a lot of his study time to help me with the move. So in the end it all worked out. He now has a week and and a half off from school which is really nice! After we found that out we headed to the commissary I was itching to use my coupons hehe. Just got enough to last until the lot sale May 21st-23rd. I haven't been to one here but back in Washington you could get really good deals and still use your military and manufacturers coupons. So hopefully it will be good, I like to stock up on food, I probably have almost two months worth in my fridge, pantry and two freezers that way if there is something we want to do that month like lets say... Chocolate World in Hershey PA in June for Aurora's 5th Birthday than i don't even need to save up for it or dip into savings I just cut out the groceries for 2 weeks or even a month and we eat what we have. I works out really well. After that we came out and I pressure cooked a turkey breast we bought, made home made chicken soup (I did throw in some cars noodles for Michael) and made Tacos, and refried beans. Scott made some home made guacamole and sliced up my turkey so we finally used that new meat slicer, it works wonders. After that we scooted the kids off to bed for the night and played some mario party on the wii. Haven't quite busted out the Rockband or Karaoke here in housing yet lol, don't want to be too noisy. Tomorrow is the Military Spouse Appreciation Luncheon so I'm going to that with Jen so that will be fun. And tomorrow evening Jen and I are going to catch a movie while the guys watch the kids. I haven't done that in what feels like forever lol.

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