Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aurora takes her screening test for Kindergarten.

Well today has been interesting. Aurora had her big screening for Kindergarten this morning! On the way out the door Michael decided to get a huge nose bleed. (scott was supposed to take her but couldn't get out of work) so stress, got it under control, changed his clothes cleaned him up thank god we left early. Made the apt. While she was in the test Michael threw up all over the schools hallway!
So then I'm cleaning the school hallway because the janitor went home for the day! uggh. Cleaned him up again and then out comes Aurora from the test. The guys like would you like to come in and go over it. Sure i'd love to come in covered in vomit...why not! She passed and is now in Kindergarten WOOHOO. She got the highest marks in everything except one category which was pronouncing her "th" sometimes comes out a "f" instead. But did great in math, shapes, colors, counting, abc's, scissors etc.... So hurray for Aurora and poor poor Michael... hard day for the little man.

Aurora was upset however that they did not ask her what her address and phone number was. We worked hard on that because it was on the list of things you had to know to pass the test. And they didn't even ask her!!! Instead it was a 45 minute sit down test where she went table to table, teacher to teacher and was asked questions, and did writing. Way different than we were told. Oh well she still did amazing!!! Scott promised her a trip to 6 Flags to go on the big kid rides once she was a big kindergartener so she's looking forward to that!

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