Sunday, July 19, 2009

My baby turns 4 !!!!

Happy 4th Birthday to my little Michael! I can't believe my little baby is now 4 yrs old. Where has all the time gone and why did it have to pass so quickly. This fall all three of my kids will be in school, I am very sad about it. So... I'm taking a job babysitting for a friend! She is going back to school and has the cutest twin boys and I get to watch them!! We are leaving now (Scott may need to be airlifted he is slow moving after last night he had a fun night out with the guys from work. They hit up some bars and had some fantastic Irish food at a pub downtown Saratoga Springs. But anyways back to today... we are leaving for Michael's big Birthday!! We are going to Order the spiderman cake, he wants to pick it himself. The girls big idea was to fly to NJ to have the Cake boss make michael a cake LOL!! too cute.... but not happening! Then we are headed to the toy store so he can pick out his own present (we already got him the big spiderman kitchen, with food, his new bike and helmet, knee pads, and lots of clothes from Gap and gymboree so he made out pretty well.) then we are going to 6 flags for swimming and rides, eating at Johnny Rockets, then home for cake, ice cream, grilling, and a movie! It will be a fun filled day!!!! I just can't believe he's 4!

I will be updating this blog, I've fallen behind again. We've been keeping very busy this summer since it's our last summer before the big move to Washington DC.

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Casey Loving said...

And of course you couldn't move to DC when I lived there right?

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