Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Family Vacation to New Jersey and Pennsylvania

We started off our trip with breakfast at the Saratoga Race Track and watched the horses warm up for the day. The breakfast was okay (buffet) the real excitement was seeing the race horses the kids loved it. Then we hit the road and drove to New Jersey. The drive wasn't bad at all and the kids behaved I had stopped at the store on the way and bought them crayons and sesame street workbooks for the car. They colored happily and ate cheese balls. We arrived in New Jersey at the New Jersey Pennsylvania state line (which is in the middle of the Delaware river). Right there is Bulls Island state park we looked around and really liked it so we set up camp. My amazing husband set up camp in only 20 minutes!! After the set up we went for a hike and found a way of crossing the river via the pedestrian bridge to the little cute town. They had cute restaurants over looking the river and little bed and breakfasts made of cobblestone. It really was a unique place they even had a general store there with all your camping needs. Next we headed back over the bridge and hung out at our campsite. We grilled food and walked by the river which was right along our camp spot. There were only 3 families camping there on the 80 acres so we had the whole place basically to ourselves. After camping we went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel which is one of my favorite restaurants I've been going there with my grandparents forever since i was a kid and I love that I get to share it with my kids now. It had rained on our firewood so cooking at the campsite was out. The kids loved breakfast then we did a bit of shopping in the store there. Next we loaded up and headed to Langhorne Pennsylvania to take the kids Sesame Place! We got the idea from watching Jon & Kate plus 8 because they went there on the show. I'm so glad they did that because I had no idea this theme park even existed. It was free for us because active duty is always free and it's also free for up to 4 dependents. The kids had an amazing time!! It was very crowded and very HOT but the kids behaved and we had a great time!! We hope to go back again this summer.

Here is the Link to all the pictures from the vacation: just copy paste this code....

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