Friday, January 22, 2010

Been away from the blog for a while

Okay so I was really great about blogging and now I just suck. What happened was we took an amazing vacation to Europe and a 16 day transatlantic cruise I came home and blogged about the entire trip, loaded pics, and loaded videos and then....... The computer froze!!! I lost the entire thing. This blog auto saves too, but it was no where to be found! I said okay well that's enough for today i'll do it again tomorrow, and so on and so forth until now which is 3 months later and I still haven't done it LOL. So a summer is we had an amazing time in Rome and the cruise was awesome. My grandma really enjoyed it and the girls just LOVED it and never wanted to go home. Everyone had tears when we left the ship. But it was great to be back with my boys again.

Pics from the trip:

Since the last blog we took that trip, Michael had surgery on his ears. He had an adenoidectomy and well as tubes put in both his ears. He was at a 60% hearing loss in one ear and a 40% loss in the other. After numerous infections and medications the doctor finally decided to put in the tubes. He is now hearing better and covers his ears a lot because of loud noises. His behavior has also improved because he is not as frustrated as he once was.

Sounds like DC wants Scott from an email we received so we are hoping his officer package goes through and he does well in the interviews in DC. They are going to fly him there for 3 days to interview for the job. He really wants this so I hope it works out for him. We still do not know when we are moving. It will be sometime between March and August. If everything goes well he will get picked up officer and commissioned here in New York, then we will go to OIS which is only 5 weeks long. We will miss him for those 5 weeks but it shouldn't be too hard, we've done numerous 3 month deployments so this should be cake. Looking forward to getting some answers and knowing where we are going and when.

The kids are all doing great, having fun with friends and girl scouts. I was a girl scout for 4 1/2 years and loved it, my mom was my troop leader for 2 of the years. I'm so glad I get to share this with my daughters. The troop leader and his wife are just amazing and the kids really enjoy going to the meetings and visiting with all the girls.

I'm trying to get back into my old routine of cooking everyday instead of eating out. We've been taking advantage of living in Saratoga because there are sooooo many wonderful restaurants. It got to the point where we were eating out 4 or 5 nights a week. As fun as that is, we should put that money to better use. I have a lot of cook books from the time when we cooked together 3 meals a day everyday. So i'm whipping them out and putting them to good use. Every night has been a different meal from a good book mostly chefs on Food Network (I'm Addicted). So far it's going well and we haven't had anything that we wouldn't want to eat ever again.

School is going.... on and on and on forever. I should not have taken a break from it. I should have graduated with my Bachelors degree 1 year 8 months ago :( I kick myself everyday for that mistake but oh well. I had breaks for vacations, and was able to take a month and a half off twice during two moves, time off for funerals etc.... it worked. So I'm still trucking along with it.

So that's it for today. I'll try to keep up with the blog from now on.

Here are some links to new pics:

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Casey Loving said...

Welcome back! The kids are getting so big!

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