Thursday, June 18, 2009

Terrible Threes????

I've heard of terrible twos we went through them with the girls but what about terrible threes? My son has always been a mommas boy and well behaved except for the occasional tired crankiness that all small children get. We are firm believers after having two girls and a boy that boys are WAY easier than girls. Boys for us anyways potty train better, listen better, are calmer, less emotional than girls. In the past month my dear sweet boy has turned a corner.... he's been bad. I have a time out chart hanging in my kitchen which lists the offenses and the times you'll serve if you commit them. It's sort of a do the crime serve the time sort of deal. It works really well nobody likes to be in the corner (corner is actually a wall but they have to put their nose on it) Anyways we've done the naughty chair, the naughty step, the time out rug and for us nothing works better then the wall. Lately however he doesn't care about the wall or listening to me at all for that matter. I've turned into a shrieker in the past month and lay in bed at night hating that I yelled so much during the day. Here's a list of what my son has done in the past two days just to give you a taste of what I am talking about:

Day 1:
Peeled the leather off the top of my NEW dining room chair (2nd chair ruined now, Scott is not happy) while playing his computer game.
pulled down his pants in the upstairs hallway (right outside the bathroom door mind you) and peed!!!!
pulled the cats tail
pulled hair out of the guinea pig (which he loves so i have no clue why he did it)
"dropped a deuce" as little stewie from family guy would say IN HIS PANTS! it preceded to roll down his pant leg to his sock eww! He's fully potty trained for God sakes!!
Broke one of the large hanging blind thingys on the patio door.

Day 2: Dumped the cat food (Eukanuba brand) and all the guinea pig food over all the shoes in the downstairs closet. Nothing like putting on your shoes to go to the bus stop and crunch cat food in between your toes.
Then put cat food in the cat water....
Then he "mopped" the kitchen floor with our water machine water while i was in the bathroom, i had also just swept up a pile and was going to hand vac it up in a minute and he decided those made good sprinkles for the newly soaked floor.
and to top it off he dumped the guinea pig cage poo and all on my living room carpet while i was folding clothes in my bedroom!!
He also decided one blind was not enough and broke one of the mini blind thingys in the girls room.

Now I'll admit I have been distracted the past week or so. I was sick for a good week and a half and needed to catch up on bills, our money program, laundry, cleaning ect.... Also I've had studying to do for school, yes i'm finally back in school after my year break. But I have still made time for doing things special with him. He still picks out a pile of books and by the end of the day we've read them all. We still watch sesame street and scooby do together every morning. We still play the cool school on the computer together for math and science, he does the art by himself. So its not like he's being ignored. I haven't had a car in over a month so perhaps it's cabin fever??? We go to the park every day, for walks, and for bike rides. Also i've borrowed scotts car and taken them to things when he didn't need to use it. So what is this??? Terrible Threes??? Just a bad mood that has lasted a month??? All I know is I hope it ends soon because this month has not been pleasant.

I am looking forward to Scotts leave, starting Saturday at midnight..... he just looks at them and they fall in line like little soldiers. I wish I had that kind of power LOL.

So anyways now my venting is done PHEW.

Today we had a power surge and it blew out 4 light bulbs and blew the breaker for 1/4 of my house here in base housing. I called up housing and once again they were incredibly nice. She sent a guy out to look at it within 5 minutes of hanging up the phone.... impressive. He fixed it all got every thing working again except the light bulbs because he didn't have enough on him. Also while he was here I debated showing him the blinds my son broke. i decided better tell him now then when we move out. He said no problem it happens and is fixing both tomorrow when he comes with the light bulbs, NO charge!! I was so relieved and so happy. I was charged a lot back in washington for two mini blinds and glad that was not the case here.

I'm currently searching the internet for a local church. We still haven't found one since moving to Saratoga Springs. Not that I have a car to get there but still I want to find one and i want it to have a good children's program like the one we went to where we lived before. So I'll keep looking. If any of you know of one around here let me know please. I've gone to Catholic schools growing up and been to Catholic churches for 15 years, LDS for 3 years and gone to Christian churches for 2 years so I consider myself open to different churches and religions.

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