Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We've reached a decision.... can you say "Aloha"

Well we've pretty much reached a decision. Instead of doing the NR Engineer route in Washington DC we are choosing to go back to a boat and going the EDO route. Crazy I know but it does have some benefits. We will remain here in New York until May 2010 (Scotts putting in for the job in December) Then we will move to Charleston, South Carolina for a year. While there Scott will go to OCS for three months (probably away from us) Then he will go to power school in South Carolina for the rest of the year. About May 2011 we will then move to Hawaii as O-1E, we will remain in Hawaii for 3 years where Scott will be on a boat again. As much as being on a boat again will suck we will be making twice as much money as we would be if he took the NR job in DC due to the large officer bonus on subs and having sub and sea pay which we wouldn't get otherwise. Another perk is instead of working, going to school, and commuting in DC he will just be working in hawaii, that's it! After Hawaii in 2014 we will move to Boston where Scott will get his dream of going to school at MIT. While there.... no work just school! (remember this is the school he would have done while working in DC but by going back to a boat we get to push off the school until off the boat leaving him with no work just school) So he'll actually have more time with the family even though he'll have sea time. He'll have loads of time in south carolina and TONS of time in Boston. Another perk is by going to DC we would have had to pay for part of his college like we are doing right now, but by waiting and going to Boston it will be 100% paid for by the navy. Saves a fortune because that is an expensive school.

Neither one of us wanted to go back to being on a boat, we didn't want anymore time apart as a family. He missed a lot of the kids being little (2 of their first 4 years of life) just as all sailors do but still it wasn't fun and it made him sad. That's why he's killed himself to get the 4.0 for the NR Engineer job it would have kept him from sea for possibly the rest of his career! Now we are going to do the EDO route which only requires a 3.5 GPA So he could have relaxed about school while here in New York. Oh well he worked hard, very hard and I'm proud of him. So far he is still Valedictorian of the class of 2010 at RPI, while working full time shift work for the Navy. I love him so much for all that he does and he's letting me pick which career route we want to go. I didn't want to pick one he wouldn't be happy with so I let him decide anyways, and he picked what I wanted so it worked out. Their are different perks for both jobs as well as different drawbacks. We wanted the one with more family time it just happened to also be the one that makes more money and involves more travel.

We also asked the kids what they thought. I showed them travel books from washington DC, I've been there a few times so i showed them the different places they could go ect.... We also showed them Charleston, and Hawaii on the computer (i Ordered books as well) And they've been to Boston so they knew about that. Aurora voted for Africa....... lol. I told her that really wasn't an option. She was bummed, she wanted to live with the animals. Jennifer voted for Hawaii and Michael didn't really care. So three votes Hawaii, one vote Africa, and One undecided. The ballots are in so here's the plan:
Our Navy Travel Plan:

New York (Student) 2002-2003
Washington (USS Nevada) 2003-2007
New York (Staff) 2007-2010
South Carolina (OCS O-1) 2010-2011
Hawaii (O-1 through O-3) 2011-2014
Boston (O-3) 2014-2017
Then who knows :)

So that's the plan! Plans change all the time so who knows but that's what we are going for so now we just sit back and hope for the best because that's all you can do.

Photos of Charleston South Carolina:

Photos of Hawaii and one of the 0-1 Housing floor plans:

Photos of MIT (Scotts School) and Boston, Massachusetts:

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laura spear said...

yeah about double because of bonus's but then he'll be going out to sea so that's the downfall.

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