Saturday, April 14, 2012

Buying our First Home

We are finally doing something we've always wanted to do but were never in a position to do so..... buy a house!  The military keeps us moving but Scotts job at Naval Reactors promises stability and a longer length of stay. So the opportunity presented itself and we jumped on the home buying band wagon while interest rates are extremely low. We are buying a house in Aquia Harbour which is beautiful! Don't take my word for it see pic below:

The house is lovely with a big yard and tons of room for us. It even has 2 unfinished rooms so Scott had the handy man projects he's been dying for. When he gets them finished the house will have 3,000 sf of living space, nice!  We close on May 25th and have already begun packing. We can't wait to move in!!! The kids are not excited about changing schools but this will be one of the last times they will ever have to (fingers crossed). Here is a link to the photos of the house:

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