Friday, April 13, 2012

March Craft Project - Colored Rice

I was browsing Pinterest for craft Ideas for the kids and I came across the photo above. I thought well that looks neat and would be a great alternative to another sandbox that just develops into a mess and or a strange swampy eco system in the back yard. I swear last year when we emptied the sandbox for the year we discovered at least two new species!! ick!  So... the kids and I set out to make colored rice! You can do anything with it, put it in a bucket with various toys like the above photo. You can put it in different shaped jars and layer it like sand art that you would make at a fair.  Or you can do what we did which was make art projects out of it using glue sticks.  The kids simply drew a drawing using a glue stick, poured their special colors of rice over the glue, dumped off the excess and it made rice paintings. To make it even more educational we didn't use your "typical" colors we mixed food coloring to make unusual ones like "coral", "lime-green", and "chocolate". The kids had a blast!!!!

Here’s what you need: (Directions courtesy of the bakerbee blog) (idea found at Pinterest) 
  • Uncooked white rice
  • Food coloring 
  • Rubbing Alcohol (I used vinegar instead like when making Easter eggs and it worked for me)
First, put a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol and several drops of food coloring into a bowl.
Add a cup of rice and mix it around.  Be prepared to get food coloring on you… don’t be me and put on an apron two minutes too late.
Spread colored rice out on waxed paper and let dry for several hours.  I used a 5 pound bag of rice, which comes out to just about 12 cups.

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